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… and a very warm welcome to my dog blog. I’m so pleased that you’ve found me. I do hope you will enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of my great adventure. I would love it if you joined in the saga by dropping me a line in the comments box. As you will see I’m going to need all the support I can get.

this my v. v. v big tail!

I started my blog in 2015 as a  young orphan puppy, from West Cumbria in the United Kingdom. It records how –  by walking over 1,000 miles and climbing the 282 Scottish mountains over 3.000 feet (The Munros) – I aim to raise £32,000 for two v. v. v good causes. I have promised not to use any of the dosh for even a tiny morsel of a treat, how hard is that?   Me, an agile young collie and my person – a creaky aging thing (called B) – aim to complete the task by the time I am 10 and she is 70. We are to spend many hours in some of the most wonderful and  remote parts of the UK: walking, camping, eating, drinking, writing and growing ever closer and closer.

Scary map of 52 Munros completed, and those still to do 235!

This is our story from a canine perspective for a change.

The human story is very slow, but you can try to access it here and join the group: 

Facebook – Mucky Boots and Flawless Paws

The money we raise will be spilt between a charity for search and rescue dogs, and Canine Partners, which trains assistance dogs to  support disabled people. These dogs are sooooooo clever. This is Bumble and Sandra’s story. I am in love with Bumble.

SANDRA BELL AND BUMBLE – Partnership study

There are film clips of the clever canines at work below.  If after watching them you think what amazing creatures we dogs really are, and you wanted to support their work, you could always drop me a penny or two for my fundraising, just here :

Munro challenge doggy bag fund – just giving

Please join in the chat, by adding your thoughts below and become part of the adventure. It will give me encouragement and I’m going to need it, by the bucket full

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You tube – Canine Partners at work

You tube – Search and Rescue dog doing their thing.

One last thing. Check out the comments here to see good luck wishes from the famous: Roy Hattersley and people associated with Julia Bradbury and Elton John 🙂

That was hard work, Need sleep.

Ben Asleep
And so to bed

Love Ben xx untitled 1


Ben’s weekly poetry, #Haiku

Gosh, thank you so much for visiting my blog.

This post is for my main man – David 😊😊😊

My poem is in response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. We poets, even dog poets, write a structured poem containing synonyms of two words prompts which Colleen usually provides (Click here for the guidelines). However, for the first poem of each month we select our own words. This week I am using the words rock and roll. I’ve chosen them for two reasons. Firstly, because I’m in a good mood. My male person came home from hospital on Wednesday and we are a complete unit again. I like to do a bit of dancing about when I’m happy. Then, when I went outside today I saw our Willow tree rocking and rolling in the stormy winds at our house; they were awful. When I tried to play ball, I had no way of knowing where my ball was going to end up. I got v. v. v dizzy 😓

This is my Haiku, I so hope you like it.

One man and his dog, reproduced by kind permission of  willow sculptor Caroline Gregson.

Link to Caroline’s work

Watch the willow bend
Swaying arcs in reeling wind
Supple fronds for art

By Ben, the dog poet ❤ 🐾 xx © 2018



Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Rationing, Roberta Eaton and a child’s Christmas in wartime

My fellow writer Ani (the small dog) has made an advent calendar of recollections about Christmas from her friends (two and four legged). What a brilliant idea.

Today’s is all about what a little girl wrote to Santa in the war time. It make me feel very lucky indeed. I’m going to ask my people not to buy me so many presents this year but to give some dosh to the dog re-homing kennels. It’s very hard to do but I think it’s the right thing. I hope we don’t have to go in for rationing though.

You can read the letter but clicking on this link and follow Ani’s calendar too.

Love Ben 0

via Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Rationing, Roberta Eaton and a child’s Christmas in wartime

Homeless in 2018 #Tanka poem

Thank you so much for coming to visit a dog poet. My poems for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge are a take on life from a canine perspective. This weeks challenge asks us to use the words cold and safe as synonyms, in our poems. Wow (woof oh woof) what thought provoking words!

I can’t wait to get to Christmas and tear my presents open and I have been getting SO excited but… these these words made me think about others not so fortunate.

Homeless in 2018

homeless man & dog

December hardens
Unforgiving frozen slabs
Beneath cobalt skies.
Life spirals – reaching for hope
Your puppy face my harbour

By Ben, the dog poet © 2018 🐾


Ben’s back

Thank you so much for coming to visit a dog poet, and enter my world.  This is my response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This weeks challenge asks us to use the words pleasant and read as synonyms, in our poems.


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Penetrating books
Mellow iterating gold
Soothing paths to sleep

By ben, the dog poet © 2018


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Love Ben xx


November – Frost and Fire

Thank you so much for coming to visit a dog poet, and enter my world.  This is my response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This weeks challenge gives us poets the  opportunity to choose our own two words, to be used as synonyms, in our poems. I have gone for seasonal words, choosing frost and fire. The muse has directed me to a Haiku and  Senryu, with parenthesis! – I think I’ve got that right Colleen 🙂

All my poems are here

You can also read about the big charity challenge, that sparked my literary career, here

frozen art

Silent gems sparkle
Winters sting fast encroaching
Crunching under paws


IMG_4106 a

Curtains blank the dark
Dancing coals framed in gold
Sending Ben to sleep!

SF 7

By Ben, the dog poet © 2018

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Love Ben xx









Thank you for coming to visit my blog and read my poetry. This is my response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This week the two words to be used as synonyms are afraid and grave.



Restless spirits creep
Canines, wired to the moon,
Seriously spooked

By Ben, the dog poet © 2018


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