And the winner is…

Friends, collies, competitors,

I’m a little late with the results of my competition and I am so sorry, but it’s such difficult work. What a fabulous collection of names for the cocktail me and B devised, to celebrate David’s Covid-19 vaccination. Thank you so much for entering, it makes my tummy all warm. Between this blog, Facebook entries and e mails, what a lot of suggestions. However, at the end of the day the winner is… BIG FANFARE … but… before that…

Here are the entries:

Hot Ginger Whinger

Spicey Bedtime.

Spice Up Your Life

Children of the 60s


Rolling Stoned

A Shot in the Arm

A Stab in the Dark

And the winner is…

Then again… before annouching the winner – aren’t I a tease, hee, hee…

A big bark out to Lynda for all her suggestions. Lynda is my bestest, biggest competition entrant. My person says the coffee is on her, when Nicola says we can go for one, even though you didn’t win this time.

BUT… here we go… the winner is… ‘Salvation Toddy‘, a late entrty from Jean Elgar, who – capturing both the drink and the occassion – is rewarded with a supermarket voucher. In these days, when the presentation of a physical trophy is banned, this e voucher is for Jean to buy the ingrediants to make lots and lots of Salvation Toddies.

Judging is such hard work and I hate letting my fans down, must sleep it off.

And so to bed!

Love Ben

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