The Munro Blogs

Summit of Beinn Dubhchraig our 100th Munro

Thank you very much for coming to visit my very, extra special, Munro bagging page. Here you can follow the whole story of my v. v. v big challenge, or just dip in and out of your own favourite Munro Walks. Additionally you can press on this link to see a map, with all the the Munros I have done so far. Progress

This first table shows how many Munros I complete each year and the cumulative total.

YearNo Completed in yearTotal Number of Munros
2015 11

The tables below, one for each year starting at the beginning of our challenge, include 5 columns:

  • Column 1 – The date we were walking
  • Column 2 – The Munro(s) we walked with a link to the route followed, from the Walk Highlands web site, which also includes a map
    • Sometimes the route doesn’t name all the Munros on it, so I’ve typed them all out below the link
    • Red asterisks tell you either our route is different (often linking two together) or, all didn’t go to plan!!
    • Black text, with no link to a website, gives a hint about more of our adventure story. This is accessed in column 5
  • Column 3 – The running total of Munros bagged
  • Column 4 – The area of Scotland where we were walking
  • Column 5 – Links to our very own blogs.
    • An asterisk here tells you that B went and did some Munros on her own 😦 As you can see she is sooooo slow in writing up her walks, whereas mine are all up to date 🙂 
Date MunroNo..AreaBen’s Blogs (& some of B’s)
2015Introducing BenMy first ever blog

Introducing Ben’s v. v. v big challenge
15/09 Introducing B and
Beinn Chabhair
1 Loch Lomond * The Munro Project
DateMunroNo.AreaBen’s Blogs (& some of B’s)
Prelude to my first ever Munro and introducing the van sagaOh God, were off!

What a liability
16/07Meall Buidhe & Stuchd an Lochain3 Perthshire I did one!

I did another one
17/07Meall Ghaordaidh4 PerthshireI did another, another one
26/08*The Tarmachan Ridge5PerthshireBack with the car key
27/08Carn Gorm, Meall Garbh, Carn Mairg and Creag Mhor9PerthshireThe Big Four

The Big Four, part 2
28/08Meall Corranaich and Meall a’Choire Leith11PerthshireFor Rosie 
Van Troubles 2Terminal Trouble
03/09 Schiehallion 12PerthshireA Broken Man
Look at my posh van nowPaws in motion
04/09/Carn na Caim and A’Bhuidheanach Bheag, Drumochter14CairngormsGeographical Endeavour
05/09Ben Chonzie15PerthshireDog Dreams
06/09Ben Vane16Loch LomondChasing the weather

Playing Ball in Heaven
Heart BrokenIn a Strop
07/10Ben More and Stob Binnein18Loch Lomond*In Progress
08/10Ben Cruachan and Stob Daimh 20Argyll and Oban*In Progress
09/10Beinn a’Chochuill and Beinn Eunaich 22Argyll and Oban*In Progress
10/10Summary of 2016* Summary of 2016
Date Munro No.AreaBen’s Blogs (& some of B’s)
2017 We’re off Here we go again
The journeyGetting There
22/06 Mount Keen 23 Angus Royal Outing
 23/06Mayar and Driesh 25 AngusBetter Late Than Never
24/06*An Socach 26 CairngormsFrom The Jaws of Defeat
25/06The Cairnwell Munros
Carn Asoda; Carn a
Gheoidh; The Cairnwell
29CairngormsBenzieB Lochans
07/07Glas Tulaichean and Carn an Righ,
Spittalof Glenshee
31PerthshireNesting Birds and Shotguns
08/07*The Glenshee six:
Glas Maol Munros circuit &
Tolmount and Tom Buidhe
Creag Leacach; Glas Maol;
Cairn of Claise; Tom Buidhe;
Tolmount; Carn an Turic
37CairngormsAn Increasingly Heavy Bag
Going off PisteA Common Treasury For All?
09/07*Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin 38Perthshire Tears Before Bed
10/07An Caisteal and
Beinn a’Chroinnlarich
40Loch Lomond False Sense of Security
31/08 Beinn a’Ghlo
Munros :
Carn Liath;
Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain; Carn nan Gabhar
43PerthshireThe B’s Knees!
01/09Geal Charn, Monadhliath 44Cairngorms Flights of Fancy
02/09Sgor Gaoith 45CairngormsBeyond the Abyss
03/09Meall Chuaich, Drumochter46CairngormsPummeled Haunches
31/09 Ben Vorlich 47 Loch Lomond * A Late Burst
DateMunroNo.AreaBen’s Blogs (& some of B’s)
05/07Beinn a’Chreachain &
Beinn Achaladair
49 Argyll and Oban Show on the road
06/07 Buachaille Etive Beag
Stob Coire Raineach
Stob Dubh
51Fort WilliamFirst Landmark
07/07 Ben Mhanach 52Argyll and ObanThe Cavalry Are Coming
DateMunroNo.AreaBen’s Blogs (& some of B’s)
04/05Buachaille Etive Mor
Stob Dearg & Stob na Broige
54Fort William * Cutting a dash
05/05Stob Ghabhar and
Stob a’Choire Odhair
56Argyll & Oban* Pride Before a Fall
06/05*Beinn Dorain and
Beinn an Dothaidh
– – -!* Silver Linings
11/05*Beinn Mheadhoin
and Derry Cairngorm
– – -!* No Brainer
12/05Beinn a’Chaorainn and
Beinn Bhreac
58Cairngorms* Skipping Rope
13/05Beinn a’ Bhuird59Cairngorms* Winter Coats
14/05Beinn Mheadhoin
and Derry Cairngorm
61Cairngorms* Heaven on earth
15/05Above and Beyond…* First Wild Camp
16/05An Sgarsoch
and Carn an Fhidhleir
63Cairngorms * “Peat Mess”
17/05Carn a’Mhaim 64Cairngorms*In Progress

Beinn Iutharn Mhor
and Carn Bhac
66Cairngorms*In Progress
SatBen Avon67Cairngorms*In Progress
SundayWhite Mounth Munros
Munros: Lochnagar;
Carn a Choire
Carn an t-Sagairt Mor;
Cairn Bannoch
Broad Cairn
72Cairngorms*In Progress
TuesdayCarn a’Chlamain73Cairngorms*In Progress
WednesdayBeinn Dearg 74Cairngorms*In Progress
First night in my
new van
Nose Diving at night
05/07Bynack More 75 Cairngorms Turquoise Loch
06/07 * Carn Dearg,
Carn Sgulain
and A’Chailleach
77CairngormsNo excuses
07/07* A’Chailleach
78CairngormsEtched in Wood
08/07Mullach Clach
a’ Bhlair
79CairngormsRise and Shine
Van Troubles 4More hold ups
24/08Creag Meagaidh circuit
Carn Liath;
Stob Poite Coire Ardair;
Creag Meagaidh
82Fort WilliamBest Swim Ever
Wallowing in heatFinding Shade
26/08Stob Coire Easain
and Stob a’Choire
84Fort WilliamThe Life Force
16/09*Ben Macdui
and Cairngorm
86Cairngorms*In Progress
17/09*Cairn Toul
Braeriach traverse
90Cairngorms*In Progress
Creise and
Meall a’Bhuiridh
92Fort William*In Progress
SaturdayBeinn Dorain and
Beinn an Dothaidh
94Argyll*In Progress
SundayBeinn Narnain
and Beinn Ime
96Loch Lomond*In Progress
Date Munro No Area Ben’s Blogs (& some of B’s)
25/07 Ben Oss and Beinn Dubhchraig 98Argyll & Oban Escape from Lockdown
Van problemsGoing too Well
27/07 Cruach Ardrain and Beinn Tulaichean 100Loch LomondDespite it all
Ben Lui and Beinn a’Chleibh102Argyll & Oban *In Progress
14/08 Ben Challum, near Tyndrum103Argyll & Oban *In Progress
16/08 *Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh and An Stuc
& Ben Lawers and Beinn Ghlas
108Perthshire*In Progress
17/08 *Beinn Udlamain and Sgairneach Mhor
& A’ Mharconaich and
Geal Charn, Drumochter
112Cairngorms*In Progress
26/08*Brothers Ridge & Ciste Dhubh and Am Bathach, Cluanie
Munros: Saileag; Sgurr a Bhealaich
Dheirg; Aonach Meadhoin;
Ciste Dhubh
116Kintail & Lochalsh*In Progress
28/08 Sgurr nan Conbhairean, Carn Ghluasaid
and Sail Chaorainn
119 Kintail & Lochalsh*In Progress
29/08 South Glen Shiel Ridge: 7 Munros
Munros: Creag a Mhaim; Druim
Shionnach; Aonach Air Chrith;
Maol Chinn-dearg; Sgurr an Doire
Leathain; Sgurr an Lochain;
Creag nan Damh
126Kintail & Lochalsh* Miracles happen
31/08 A’Chralaig and Mullach Fraoch-choire128Kintail & Lochalsh*In Progress
16/09 Sgurr a’ Mhaoraich, Loch Quoich129Fort William*In Progress
17/09 Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach131Fort William*In Progress
18/09Gairich, Loch Quoich132Fort William*In Progress
20/09 Loch Lochy Munros
Sron a Choire Ghaibh; Meall na Teanga
134Fort William*In Progress
21/09 Beinn a’Chaorainn and Beinn Teallach136Fort William*In Progress
23/09 Chno Dearg and Stob Coire Sgriodain 138 Fort William*In Progress

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