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This page shows our progress and contains copies of all my Munro blogs. Very generously I am also including blogs my person (B) has written when she has gone off on her own.

Click Mickey, for this rather daunting map of our Munros done and to do

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2016 Blogs

These blogs are in order from the very beginning of my big adventure. Me and B have so enjoyed writing them – even with my big paws. I do hope you enjoy them too.

Love Ben xx

Ben’s very first blog ever

Oh God, were off!

 Weekend 1 – blog 1 of 4 -What a liability

Weekend 1 – I did one, blog 2 of 4Ben’s Blog – (Meall Buidhe)

Weekend 1 – blog 3 of 4 – I did another one! – (Stuchd an Lochain)

Weekend 1 – blog 4 of 4 – I did another, another one – (Meall Ghaordaidh)

Munro adventure continued – weekend two – day one – (Meall nan Tamachan)

Weekend two – day two, part A – (Carn Gorm, Meall Garbh, Carn Mairg, Creag Mhor)

Weekend two, day two, part B

Weekend two – day three – Meall Corranaich, Meall a Choire Leith

Weekend Two – day three, part B

Weekend three – day one (03/09/16) Schiehallion

How could I have forgotten to show you

Weekend three – day 2, Carn na Caim and A’Bhuidheanach Bheag (04/09/2016)

Weekend three – day three, Ben Chonzie (05/09/2016)

Weekend three, day four part one, Ben Vane (06.09.2016)

Weekend Three, day four part two. Ben Vane (06.09.2016)

In a strop

2017 Blogs

Year 2, here we go

Weekend One – day one (22nd June) part one, getting there

Day one (22/06/2017) part two – No. 23, Mount Keen – The most Easterly

Day Two (23rd June) Mayer and Driesh (24 and 25)

Day Three (24th June) An Socach (26)

Day four (25th June) – Cairn Aosda , Carn a Gheoidh, The Cairnwell (29)

Weekend two, day one (7th July) – Glas Tulaichean & Carn an Righ (31)

Day two (8th July) – The Glen Shee Six (37)

Day three (9th July) part one. This land, a common treasury for all

Day three (9th July) part two – Ben Vorlich (38)

Day four (10th July) – An Caisteal and Beinn a Chroin (40)

Weekend three – It seems we might be at it again!

Weekend three – Getting there, my last 2017 weekend

Day one (31st August) – Beinn a Ghlo (43)

Day two (1st September) – Geal Charn (44)

Day three (2nd September) – Sgor Gaoith (45)

Day four (3rd September) part one  – Meall Chuaich (46)

Day four (3rd September) part two. The tail end of my last Munro weekend in 2017

B’s blog, 5th September – Ben Vorlich (47)








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