Ben Speak

This  list gives an explanation of some commonly used  – dogisms – in my blog, or else gives extra information about some of my philosophical ramblings, that appear in my posts. They are in alphabetical order. Please let me know, through the comments option at the end of this page, if you have come here for an explanation that is missing. Than I can add it in 🙂

Bag, Bagging, Munro Baging

We dogs (and people), who aspire to climb all the 282 mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet – known as the Munros  – are referred to as Munro baggers. Munro refers to the mountain part and bagger, to something that swells and gets bigger. With the weight of those mountains it gets v. v. v heavy in my bag – only kidding, I know its something called metatphorical 🙂

  • Click Mickey

With one click of your little mouse you can link to some v. v. v interesting ‘stuff’. Please don’t hurt Mickey when clicking.

  • DBTG

Dog Blog To Go – Barking off a quick post about thoughts I can’t wait to share e.g.: philosophical insights from the rug beside the fire, the latest gossip from my favourite soft furnishing, the state of B’s hips and, of course, updates on the running  status of my van – on or off road.

  • Different Coloured Hats

Based on Edward De Bono’s thinking hats, to help think outside the box, what ever that means Thinking hats explained

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

More about old Abe’s big theory More information here


The old Girl 

This is about the collie who was already in situ. when I arrived. She is now an ancient thing of 14 (or 84 in human years), without much umph. Oh boy, am I in in trouble when I floor her, on my way to reach B first. Mind you, the old girl can be a gallant old thing. She was still on top of the fells in May 2017 at her great age … amazing! 

  • Two legged things, my people, my person…

These terms refer to the unfathomable species that I have landed up with. They look after me, feed me lots of yummy food and I have grown to love them dearly.

  • V. V. V

The world is full of such amazing things. I can’t quite contain myself, but I’m trying very hard, It’s all very, very, very …

  • WOW oh WOW

Whoof oh Whoof , a big doggy exclamation mark attached to the content. 


3 thoughts on “Ben Speak

  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!


  2. Oh golly gosh , thank you so much for reading my blogs and such a lovely comment. WordPress assigned your comment to my spam box, which has made me very sad because it’s taken me a long time to acknowledge your comment. I love to hear that people like my blog and I will check yours out too 🙂 Love Ben x


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