Ben’s extra special FREE summer competition – all in white

Friends, collies, puzzlers

(A big hello to anyone new to my blog. I’m Ben a young Border Collie on a v.v.v adventurous challenge. You can read all about it by clicking here. My blogs tell the whole story, paw by paw. I do so hope you will like them and want to follow my adventures).

Oh dearie me, it seems that I need to reinvent myself. Quite apart from being a bit of a liability, as a Munro buddy, particularly if I come into close contact with the human variety on narrow mountain ledges – I also have this dual responsibility; I’m needed at home too – a home isn’t home without a dog and, looking around me, I seem to be the only one available. So… it seems that I need to forget about flogging my way up 3.000 foot mountains (phew – way to go!) and concentrate on the domestic scene.

HOWEVER, I can still do my bit. I’m destined – it seems – to become the popular image of our fundraising campaign (an ambassador?) and reach out to people of money. We haven’t met any yet but are always hoping. In the meantime, here is my FREE summer competition 🙂 which, curiously for July, features lots of the white stuff.

Me and B had a conflab about the shapes the snow made on the Munros, in the photos she took of them. We could see lots of animal shapes. It made me wonder what you can see. We had real animals, cartoon characters, even a mythical beast. What do you make of it all? I can’t wait to find out.

So… for one of Ben’s v. v. v special prizes, what are they all? Just click on the photo to enlarge it and use the arrow keys at the side to move to the next photo. There are two prizes this time. One that gets closest to matching what me and B came up with, and one for someone who has even better ideas. Please puts (puts?) write our answers in the comments field below and number them 1 – 9, to correspond with the images, so that we are on the same page mountain.

That was hard work – must sleep.

And so to bed

Love Ben xx

3 thoughts on “Ben’s extra special FREE summer competition – all in white

  1. Hmm, I tend to only recognise potential prey animals but let’s give it a go:
    1 ) snail
    2) eagle
    3) fish being swallowed backwards by venus fly trap
    4) dove
    5) mouse (specifically mickey)
    6) dinosaur , as drawn by human child
    7) swan in flight
    8) hippo, with missing bottom jaw
    9) dog

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