Ben, The Dog Poet

My time off from the Munros in 2018 resulted in a rather contemplative Ben so… I thought I would turn these musings into a touch of  rhyme, trying my v. v. v best to get the best possible words in the best possible order.

To help me get going with this new venture I am taking up Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. Each week Colleen posts two words on her blog and we poets have to write a structured rhyme in response, without using those actual words.

Tanka tuesday

This is what it is all about, Click Mickey.

The words for my first ever entry are: challenge and destiny, which are cannily relevant to my Munro challenge, don’t you think? I’ve done a little Haiku all about it. A Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry. It has 3 lines with a 5,7,5 sequence of syllables. I do hope you like it. I do other forms explained in the link above and, sometimes, some free verse.

06/02/2018 – Challenge and Destiny

Paw prints in the snow 1

Paw prints grace the snow,
Forging upwards, to greet the
Mountain’s summit cairn.

Two Award winning poems


13/02/2018 – Character and Affection

Impishly climbing
Folding into warm contours
Dissolving in dreams

13/08/2018 – Congregate & Passion

This is a garland cinquain. Cinquains are five lines long.
First line – one word, two syllables.
Line two – two words, four syllables
Third line – three words, six syllables
Fourth line – four words, eight syllables
Fifth line – one word, two syllables

A garaland cinquain is a series of six cinquains in which the last is formed of lines from the preceding five, typically line one from stanza one, line two from stanza two, and so on.

Though they are just five lines long, the best cinquains tell a small story. Instead of just having descriptive words, they may also have an action (something happening), a feeling caused by the action, and a conclusion or ending.

Our best people friend Trevor, with treats for Maisie, Amber and me

Forest beckons
Our people gathering
Excitement heralding the day

Green canopy
Filtering sunlit paths
Canine playground, ecstatic dogs

Derek, Stewart,
Meeting – David, Trevor
Talking about the president

Maisie, Toby,
Amber, Sam and Chuckles
Convene the doggy parliament

Walking Chestnuts
Chasing Mary raging
Benzie zealous in protection

Green Canopy
Meeting – David, Trevor
Convene the doggy parliament

Most of my poems are for Colleen’s 2 word prompt challenges but I’ve written a few others too.

2019 Poems, most recent first

08/01/2019 – Begin and Fresh


Even dogs
Sense the turning of the year
Big on smells
Where soil churns, and itching roots
Launch virginal buds

01/01/2019 – resolution and effort

Much energy spent

Pledges old and new
Forging ahead, onward call
Mountains still to climb

2018 Poems, in reverse date order

3 weeks of challenges in one for 11/12/18: Try & Life; 18/12/18: Fly & Sing; 25/12/18: Belief & Joy

A triple nonet, where the second verse is a reverse Nonet!
The poem’s structure is a sequence of syllables that runs: 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Determined, sustained effort,
Flying focus of trained eye.
Zealous application of
Aerodynamic laws
Plots trajectory
With Collie brain.
One buoyant

Through the sky
Reaching mouth, such
Ecstasy. Ben’s own
Guiding philosophy:
To bark, to jump, to chase those
Spherical objects of desire;
Camera captures airborne embrace.

Garlands on mantels, candles alight
And presents stacked below the tree.
Trusting Santa, all paws crossed,
Excitement unconstrained.
Tear the wrapper and…
Hark! The yellow
tennis coats


18/12/2018 Ben’s Christmas Poem, published on Ani’s Advent Calendar

Ben’s Christmas

Lights and love and laughter
Lying in till late
Cuddles frame the morning
Postman at the gate.

And the tree
(but not for a pee!)

Drips with gorgeous baubles
Just beyond my paws
Hiding all my presents
Left my Santa’s Claws.

And the food
(I’m right in the mood)

Cinnamon and turkey
Make my nose go warm
Sausage rolls and mince pies
A culinary storm.

And the pub
(but not for the grub 😦)

Beer and wine and whiskey
Though water is my Zen
Dancing fire and friendship
Bingo, Boots and Ben.

And the snow
(No longer a foe – I’m braver now 🙂)

Flakes of white soft moisture
Settle on the ground
Artist with her vision
Makes a helping hound.

And the day
(excitement rules OK)

Tearing at the paper
See what lies within
Treats and toys and titbits
This must be win win.

07/12/2018 – Rock and Roll

one-man-and-his-dog-willow-sculptureOne man and his dog, reproduced by kind permission of  willow sculptor Caroline Gregson.

Link to Caroline’s work

Watch the willow bend
Swaying arcs in reeling wind
Supple fronds for art

28/07/2018 – Beliefs and Strange

A Tanka is another form of Japanese poetry. It has 5 lines with a 5,7,5,7,7 sequence of syllables. I do hope you like it.

dog eating

Foreign festival
Provokes livid tears from Ben.
Each year in Yulin
Chinese people munch on dogs.
My thoughts vented in red ink.

Stop Yulin forever

30/06/2018 – Give and Receive

This treasure we have
A mutual exchange, me to
You, you to me – love ❤

  – Dignity  and Success

memorial g. g.

Memorial placed
On high hill to honour men
Whose death won freedom

09/05/2018 – Belong and Dream


Orphan pup aspires
to being loved and sleeping
on soft furnishings.

02/05/2018 – Celebrate and Sing

Meall a Choire Leith

Wag, wag tail for each
hill climbed. Barking hosannas
punctuate  Munros

17/04/2108 Soft and Gather

Image result for international haiku day images

On world Haiku day
– celebrating two word prompts –
poets whisper thanks. ❤

10/04/2018 – Dance and Command


Ben sit, Ben stay Ben…
Whirligig libretto till
Pianist plays the Can-Can

06/04/2018 – Free verse

Friends, collies and a special old girl,

B & M IMG_0774a

Ten thousand, nine hundred and fifty eight times
The reckoning hand has turned,
Time absconding with each
Seasons changing face.
Happy Birthday

03/04/2018 – Grow and Honour

Willow May 2011

Willow, unfolding
into spring whispers a song
to silent ashes.
Blessings of fragile blossom
Bestowed on our cat Willow.

27/03/2018 – Charm and Time


Nameless mascot of
our Munro quest fronts ageless
cliffs named Braeriach

13/03/2018 – Patience and Green


Mindfully waiting
Wafting clouds yield, sun blazes,
Wrapped in Emerald

6th March 2018 – Fresh and Renew

nose under crisp snow smelling

28/02/208 – Energy and Knowledge


Dog on a mission
Buddy for this climbing quest
Hits the Scottish hills.
Dynamism on four legs
Data stored in GPS

23/02/2018 – Breakthrough and Movement – My very first Tanka


Happy the dog-poet
my barks germinate to verse
sent as offerings
like riding to Bethlehem
with gold, frankincense  and Myrrh

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