Ben’s extra special FREE summer competition – all in white

Friends, collies, puzzlers

(A big hello to anyone new to my blog. I’m Ben a young Border Collie on a v.v.v adventurous challenge. You can read all about it by clicking here. My blogs tell the whole story, paw by paw. I do so hope you will like them and want to follow my adventures).

Oh dearie me, it seems that I need to reinvent myself. Quite apart from being a bit of a liability, as a Munro buddy, particularly if I come into close contact with the human variety on narrow mountain ledges – I also have this dual responsibility; I’m needed at home too – a home isn’t home without a dog and, looking around me, I seem to be the only one available. So… it seems that I need to forget about flogging my way up 3.000 foot mountains (phew – way to go!) and concentrate on the domestic scene.

HOWEVER, I can still do my bit. I’m destined – it seems – to become the popular image of our fundraising campaign (an ambassador?) and reach out to people of money. We haven’t met any yet but are always hoping. In the meantime, here is my FREE summer competition 🙂 which, curiously for July, features lots of the white stuff.

Me and B had a conflab about the shapes the snow made on the Munros, in the photos she took of them. We could see lots of animal shapes. It made me wonder what you can see. We had real animals, cartoon characters, even a mythical beast. What do you make of it all? I can’t wait to find out.

So… for one of Ben’s v. v. v special prizes, what are they all? Just click on the photo to enlarge it and use the arrow keys at the side to move to the next photo. There are two prizes this time. One that gets closest to matching what me and B came up with, and one for someone who has even better ideas. Please puts (puts?) write our answers in the comments field below and number them 1 – 9, to correspond with the images, so that we are on the same page mountain.

That was hard work – must sleep.

And so to bed

Love Ben xx

And the winner is…

Friends, collies, competitors,

I’m a little late with the results of my competition and I am so sorry, but it’s such difficult work. What a fabulous collection of names for the cocktail me and B devised, to celebrate David’s Covid-19 vaccination. Thank you so much for entering, it makes my tummy all warm. Between this blog, Facebook entries and e mails, what a lot of suggestions. However, at the end of the day the winner is… BIG FANFARE … but… before that…

Here are the entries:

Hot Ginger Whinger

Spicey Bedtime.

Spice Up Your Life

Children of the 60s


Rolling Stoned

A Shot in the Arm

A Stab in the Dark

And the winner is…

Then again… before annouching the winner – aren’t I a tease, hee, hee…

A big bark out to Lynda for all her suggestions. Lynda is my bestest, biggest competition entrant. My person says the coffee is on her, when Nicola says we can go for one, even though you didn’t win this time.

BUT… here we go… the winner is… ‘Salvation Toddy‘, a late entrty from Jean Elgar, who – capturing both the drink and the occassion – is rewarded with a supermarket voucher. In these days, when the presentation of a physical trophy is banned, this e voucher is for Jean to buy the ingrediants to make lots and lots of Salvation Toddies.

Judging is such hard work and I hate letting my fans down, must sleep it off.

And so to bed!

Love Ben

Ben’s 2021 Competition – Name the cocktail

Friends, Collies, clubable dogs…

In celebration of David’s Coronavirus vaccination today, me and B concocted a cocktail to mark the aupicious occasion – using our Christmas left overs – but we are short of a name. What shall we call it? Please post your suggestions below.

Rooted in the orient, and complemented by the sun-kissed hills of Tuscany, this deceptively simple little cocktail excites the senses while warming the spirit; the perfect antidote to a year with Coronavirus.

  • 5 parts ginger wine
  • 2 parts fresh lemon juice
  • Hot water to taste

A big prize awaits you on 1st March. In the meantime, a few zzzzs for Ben 🙂

And so to sleep!

Love Ben

Help me with J? Ben’s big summer competition

Friends, Collies, dogs on Zoom,

Even us dogs have been in changed times because of this COVID interloper. While we have done a sterling job, keeping our people happy, I’m now allowed to spread my paws a bit more, so I need to put all those coronavirus related words – that have invaded my head space – behind me. Then I can enjoy my walking and, of course, write all about it for my blog. I think the best way to do this is to wipe out the whole experience in one big cathartic A – Z.

However, I’m stuck on J. So, help me out please, on my alphabetic tour around a canine experience of Coronavirus – one of Ben’s special prizes could be yours 🙂 

A = Anti Bacterial paw gel

Doesn’t half sting when it penetrates the cracks in my pads.

B = Boris

A nasty little whipper snapper I sometimes bump into. He’s nothing like the great British Bulldog he seeks to imitate.

C = Clap for carers

Double the money with my four paws, though what they really need is lots more of that money so they can have lots of nice treats too.

D = Disinfectant

Really, what bleach? won’t I have to keep touching up my roots?

E= Eye sight

Colour blind myself, but still seeing red about that Orwellian squealer at No. 10.

F = Furlough

Does it extend to working dogs?

G = going, going…

H = Hancock

I heard mention of a protective ring. Are we talking Frisbees?

I = Incompetence

Barks for itself.

J = Can you help me out please?

K = Key Worker

Thank you, with all my heart, to everyone who has kept Pets at Home open.

L = Lockdown

I’ve put on a heck of a lot of weight so, who is it I contact for one of those free quad bikes? Do I still qualify if I take part in the “Eat out, to help out” scheme? I’m v. v. v interested in helping out here.

M= Masks

OMG – I dare you!

N = Nicola

I’ve grown to admire her greatly. She’s the dog’s b…, but apparently I’m not allowed to say that.

O = Online

The only way to keep in touch with your pals.


I’m clued up on the pees, but never done e’s before.

Q = Quarantine

Now I know why the caged dog howls.

R = R number

Speaking for myself, I wasn’t allowed to reproduce.

S = Shielding

I’ve got Pedigree Chum home delivery on speed dial, just in case.

T = Test and Trace (by smell of course)

Get those working dogs out of furlough – we’re across it.

U = UN-precedented

If I hear that word once more… dogs obviously have longer memories than our people (1258…, & then again, 1918 – to mention just two episodes).

V = Vaccine

I don’t do needles – full stop.

W = wide berth

2 metres, I’m thinking lamp posts.

X = Xponentially

It’s just possible I’m dyslexic.

Y = Yellow Peril

Could this describe a cheeky little Shih Tzu I’ve just got to know.

Z = Zoom

A new punchy cocktail, made just to celebrate my person’s retirement this Friday.

Oh my goodness me, that was hard work – need to essay the soft furnishings.

And so to bed

Lots of love,


Last chance – Ben’s New Year Competition.

Friends, Collies, gamblers

Oh my goodness me how time flies. This is the very last day of my competition and I’ve go so many responses to choose from already but, if you want a chance to win one of Ben’s very special prizes there’s still time and remember, you can have as many goes as you like.

What could I possibly be saying to B?


You can answer in the comments section of this blog, or go to the original to see some of the guesses. Ben’s New Year Competition

A few more guesses here: Contributions from Facebook

Must get ready for making the v. v. v big decision.

Ben Asleep
And so to bed

Love Ben

Ben’s New Year Competition – 9 days left

Friend, Collies, late comers,

There are still nine day of my competition left. You can find out all about it and see the fab responses, so far, on the link below.

Ben’s 2020 competition

Facebook – scrolling down a couple of posts

David had the advantage because he just had to ask me if you were limited to one go. Obviously to answer is no… You can have as many goes as your imagination will permitt.

Just comment below, on the original post, or on my person’s Facebook page 😀

Little hint, try and think what a dog might be thinking of, apart from sleep.

And so to bed!

Love Ben xx

Ben’s New Year Competition

Friends, collies, hung over dogs,

 (If you have just come across this blog post, and are new to Mucky Boots and Flawless Paws, let me – Ben, a young Border Collie – say a huge welcome. You can find out all about me and my blog through this link )

A v. v. v Happy New Year to one and all. I do hope you had a wonderful festive season and are now getting ready for the next one.

Anyway, without more ado, here is my New Year competition and it’s a picture one. What I want you to do is write a caption for this picture. What do you think I could be saying to B here. The photo was kitaken while we were away Munro bagging earlier this year and it features my new Munro mobile. You can reply in the comments box below. The funniest response will get one of Ben’s famous prizes.


The closing date is 14th January.

I’m all excited about the things you might say.

Going for zzzzzzzs

And so to bed

 Love Ben  



Ben’s back

Friends, collies, poorly dogs,

(If you have just come across this blog post, and are new to Mucky Boots and Flawless Paws, let me – Ben, a young Border Collie – say a huge welcome. You can find out all about me and my blog through this link )


I am truly v. v. v sorry for my long absence. I haven’t been very well and, to be honest, rather down in the mouth lately. You see I split open one of my carpel pad’s and it’s taking such a long time to heal. The carpel pads are the ones part way up my front legs. I used them often when I am chasing my ball too fast and have to do a sudden brake. I didn’t get to see Andy, to tell him all about it, but the other Mr Vet said stiches and staples would be no good. Apparently, this has something to do with me not being able to sit still and wait for recovery. I would, as sure as eggs are eggs, split it open again. So, the long and the short of it all is that… I’ve been on reduced walking rations for absolutely ages.  AND… what a BIG  AND, I’m not allowed to play with my ball AT ALL. Now you will understand how my whole world has collapsed. I just mope about all day and I don’t get super excited – with lots of singing – when we go out for our walks.

Anyway, though typing does hurts my paw, I didn’t want you to think I had forgotten you and though Christmas has crept up, without Ben’s Christmas competition going live, I have decided to brighten up your New year by delaying it until then. So here’s the heads up… you’ll need to get your thinking hats on.

Apparently healing needs lots of sleep and I’m not complaining about that.

And so to bed

Love Ben

The time has come…

Friends, collies, people on tenterhooks

Today is the day of my big competition result…………

The competition question was, what type of animal lives here?
I told you that the winner would be the first person to get my correct answer.


I’m a bit of a cad really because my correct answer is…

a very dirty animal (hee, hee, hee)

In truth, I’ve no idea what animals live in burrows in peat. My person did try to find out for me but no one has got back to her from the Cairngorms National Park website. However, she found this report on the net and it seems any of your answers could be correct, looking at the type that were found on a large bog in the highlands of Scotland.

Animals that live in peat bogs

Of the two animals mentioned in your answers, that also appear in the report, mountain hares, unlike rabbits, don’t live in burrows and the present of a pine marten is a mystery as they like to build dens in trees and rocks and this tract of land had neither. It could even be that these aren’t burrows at all, just depressions in the peat made by the weather!!!

Anyway, for being such a tease I’m going to send everyone who entered my competition one of my souvenir limited edition pens. There will only ever be 120 of these pens in the whole wide world so…
when I’m famous…. emojoy


Stephanie, if you would like a pen please e mail my person with your address, I will make sure you get your pen.

If anyone else would like one of my special pens they need to donate £3 here and then e mail my person. Munro challenge doggy bag fund – just giving

You can find out about my special charity challenge here.
Ben’s v. v. v big charity challenge

Thank you so much for entering the fun.
It’s such hard work… must sleep


Love Ben AA HeartPawPrint