Munros 2021

Friends, Collies, camping dogs,

(A big hello to anyone new to my blog. I’m Ben a young Border Collie on a v.v.v adventurous challenge. You can read all about it by clicking here. My blogs tell the whole story, paw by paw. I do so hope you will like them and want to follow my adventures).

There has been a lot of interesting activity at home, over a number of days, getting our van ready for this years Munro adventures. The sleeping bag is ousted from hibernation, the rucksack is inhabited with all manner of gismos, and the hope of new life has been – desperately – applyed to old walking boots – a forlorn hope. My paws are – of course – ‘Flawless’😂.

I was getting all excited – as were the butterfilies in my tummy – but then, oh deary me, I’ve just learnt that I’m not going this time. Our B is heading to the far north and is going to be away lots and lots of days. Back at base, a house is not a home without a dog – far, far too quiet – and so I’m keeping David company with a tad of relaxing on the soft furnishings 😊 . It’s quite a scarifice actually and, honestly, I don’t feel good about it at all. Of course I’d much rather be up there in the sleet and snow, teetering on the edge of An Teallach 😉. Still, needs must, and I’ll just have to make the most of home comforts – hee, hee.

Still, I have been doing my bit – over all those long winter months of lockdown – helping B with the exercises, to keep us both agile.

Exhauted just looking at it, must sleep

And so to bed!

Love Ben

One thought on “Munros 2021

  1. At last Bea gets to continue with the Munro’s Ben. I am sure you will miss her however there is no place like home and I am sure the phone will ring and you can hear Beas voice whenever the thing she speaks into works.
    I bet she will also bring you back a treat. Don’t tell her I told you that.
    You and Dave will have a great time I am sure.
    Good luck Bea she will need lots of hugs 🐾

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