Dog poet sheds tears


how lovely of you to visit me, thank you. This is the latest offering of the dog-poet in response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge The two prompt words this week, to be integrated synonymously, are beliefs and strange.

You can read all about my v. v. v big adventure by visiting my home page  and also, my Munro blogs. All my poems are here dog-poets page


dog eating

Foreign festival

Provokes livid tears from Ben.

Each year in Yulin

Chinese people munch on dogs.

My thoughts vented in red ink.

By Ben, the dog poet © 2018

Stop Yulin Forever

Love Ben 0




6 thoughts on “Dog poet sheds tears

  1. This is horrible and not a part of any Summer Solstice traditions I know of. That’s insane. Dogs are a gift to mankind and should always be loved. ❤

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