Dog-poet’s world 19/03/2018


how lovely of you to visit me, thank you. This is a snap shot of my world in response to the questions posed in Cee’s weekly ‘Share Your World Challenge’ You can read all about my v. v. v adventure by visiting my home page and also, my Munro blogs.

What is your earliest memory?

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My earliest memory was playing a bit of ruff and tumble with my siblings in the barn where I was born. Then we did a lot of jostling for position trying to be the closest to our mum, when we collapsed in a heap at the end of our game.

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?

I don’t know what toilet paper is.

What makes you feel grounded?

It’s when I have my dinner. Then all is well with the world. I jump up on the soft furnishings, turn around a few times and then settle down with a big sigh for a significant number of zzzzzzzzzzzs – Bliss 🙂

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

It was when my person came back after being away for a few days, doing that horrible work thing which I hate, but when she comes back…. oh, what unbridled joy. Then we settle down on the soft furnishings.

SF 6

Can’t wait to see what you have all been up to and finding out about the up and under of toilet paper, what ever that is.

Love Ben xx0


Dog-poet tries a Cinquain

Dog-poet tries a Cinquain for Colleen’s Tuesday Tanka challenge – joy and fury, synonymously

A little dog-poet licence perhaps but this is the basic formCinquain



By Ben, the dog-poet © 2018

I was so scared of the water and it took a lot of coaxing to help me overcome my fear but I love chasing ball more anything in the world. Throwing it just out of my reach got me – eventually – plunging. Then I was out of my depth and had to cope (swim) and I haven’t looked back. Show me a circumference of water and I will drag any human holding my lead to it, with a fury, based on joy!

Love Ben xx



The dog poet branches out

Colleen’s Tuesday poetry challenge – The dog poet branches out

Here’s this weeks poem, my very, very first Tanka. I hope you like 🙂


Happy the dog-poet

my barks germinate to verse

sent as offerings

like riding to Bethlehem

with gold, frankincense  and Myrrh

                                                        By Ben, the dog-poet xx


I won! Me, Ben poet of the week.

Friends, collies, poets all…

I am so proud to have been awarded poet of the week for Colleen’s wonderful, weekly poetry challenge.

Tanka tuesday

Tuesday Poetry Challenge

Just look what Colleen said about little old me.

Other than the fact that I ADORE dogs who write poetry, the simplicity of Ben’s words tells the whole story of this Senryu and the fabulous picture posted with the poem. It just felt like something a dog would write about. Sometimes the simplest things bring the most pleasure. ❤

My winning senryu


I’m a bit overwhelmed. Need to dissolve in dreams.

SF 7
And so to bed…

Love Ben xx untitled 1