Ben’s new Munromobile #A Tanka

Thank you so much for coming to visit a dog poet. My poems for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge are a take on life from a canine perspective. We poets – and to date I seem to be the only dog poet –  write one of the structured poems permitted and have to integrate, as synonyms, the two words given as a prompt.

This week the word are spring and sing; I am doing a Tanka.

You can find out about it all, and have a go yourself, by clicking below:

Colleen’s poetry challenge


Photo of Ben's van no available in this format.

Last week I had to relinquish my van, which had been our friend, transport and accommodation, as we climbed the first 50 mountains on our quest to conquer the 282 Munros in Scotland; they are the mountains over 3000 feet. While I had grown to love the character of my van it seems that’s it’s unreliability was a bit of a liability. I had very mixed feelings about this transformation and wrote about then in this blog:

Ben’s new Munromobile

You can read all about our v. v. v big challenge here. Ben’s adventure

However, look at what I’ve got now and, of course, I had to write a poem about it.



Bought near Pentland hills –
My rising star, shinning bright –
Tanka-Kangoo beams.
Like the promise of sunset
Or a boyant, joyous song.

Love Ben, the dog poet xx













Ben’s weekly poetry, #Haiku

Gosh, thank you so much for visiting my blog.

This post is for my main man – David 😊😊😊

My poem is in response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. We poets, even dog poets, write a structured poem containing synonyms of two words prompts which Colleen usually provides (Click here for the guidelines). However, for the first poem of each month we select our own words. This week I am using the words rock and roll. I’ve chosen them for two reasons. Firstly, because I’m in a good mood. My male person came home from hospital on Wednesday and we are a complete unit again. I like to do a bit of dancing about when I’m happy. Then, when I went outside today I saw our Willow tree rocking and rolling in the stormy winds at our house; they were awful. When I tried to play ball, I had no way of knowing where my ball was going to end up. I got v. v. v dizzy 😓

This is my Haiku, I so hope you like it.

One man and his dog, reproduced by kind permission of  willow sculptor Caroline Gregson.

Link to Caroline’s work

Watch the willow bend
Swaying arcs in reeling wind
Supple fronds for art

By Ben, the dog poet ❤ 🐾 xx © 2018



Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Rationing, Roberta Eaton and a child’s Christmas in wartime

My fellow writer Ani (the small dog) has made an advent calendar of recollections about Christmas from her friends (two and four legged). What a brilliant idea.

Today’s is all about what a little girl wrote to Santa in the war time. It make me feel very lucky indeed. I’m going to ask my people not to buy me so many presents this year but to give some dosh to the dog re-homing kennels. It’s very hard to do but I think it’s the right thing. I hope we don’t have to go in for rationing though.

You can read the letter but clicking on this link and follow Ani’s calendar too.

Love Ben 0

via Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Rationing, Roberta Eaton and a child’s Christmas in wartime

Homeless in 2018 #Tanka poem

Thank you so much for coming to visit a dog poet. My poems for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge are a take on life from a canine perspective. This weeks challenge asks us to use the words cold and safe as synonyms, in our poems. Wow (woof oh woof) what thought provoking words!

I can’t wait to get to Christmas and tear my presents open and I have been getting SO excited but… these these words made me think about others not so fortunate.

Homeless in 2018

homeless man & dog

December hardens
Unforgiving frozen slabs
Beneath cobalt skies.
Life spirals – reaching for hope
Your puppy face my harbour

By Ben, the dog poet © 2018 🐾


Spooky tales from Dartmoor

Thank you for coming to visit my blog at Halloween, when the spirits roam the earth. This is my response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This week the two words to be used as synonyms are haunt and spell.

Here is my spooky tale from the remote heart of Dartmoor, in South West England, famous for it’s bog and cloying fog. All is not what it seems and one of my com-patriarchs comes a cropper, quite unnecessarily as it turns out.

The whole terrifying saga

This is my very first Etheree poem and I’ve made it a double!!


Cauldron’s brew
The grimpen mire’s
Notorious swamp
Mysteriously claims
Aristocratic body.
Legend triumphs over logic
An Ancient curse surpasses reason
A supernatural beast prowls and growls.

Deerstalker and pipe fearless on the moor
Holmes, scrutinising supposition,
Exposes a greedy cancer
Devouring the very soul
And house of Baskerville.
Dressed up for witchcraft
Bloodhound frightens
Canine fate
– Poor boy –

Ben, the dog poet © 2018

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