Ben’s World, 9th April 2018


how lovely of you to visit me, thank you. This is a snap shot of my world in response to the weekly questions posed in Cee’s Share Your World  post.

You can read all about my v. v. v big adventure by visiting my home page  and also, my Munro blogs. All my poems are here dog-poets page

Been anywhere recently for the first time?

Not for a little while now. The caravan park where we have our static is open again, so it’s been rediscovering my favourite walks at weekends, since 1st March. I must say they looked a lot different at first, in all the snow.

I did go to Stratford upon Avon, in January. It was brilliant I had the biggest game of ball ever down by the river, across from the theatre where they put on all those plays by a man called Shakespeare.

List three favorite book characters.

Lassie, Montmorency, Rowl and Snitter.


The Plague dogs is my favourite. It’s v. v. v exciting and I really worry about their safety but there’s a happy ending. And, big bonus, it’s all set in the English Lake District.

What is your favorite non alcololic drink: hot or cold?

A nice long drink of cold fresh water from a Scottish Loch, high in the hills, after a long walk and before a lovely swim.


What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  

Our old girl was 15, that’s 90 in human years. She had a big party and I wrote her a special poem. A poem for the old girl.

I’m looking forward to hearing about the new places you have been too.

Love Ben xx






Thank you very much to Luccia Gray for nominating the dog-poet, suggesting he turn his paw to this photography challenge. Luccia is a writer, and exponent of the best in Victorian literature. She blogs at 

I’m a bit in awe of this challenge business because I’m only really good for the odd  family snap. Being a dog, it’s a bit fiddly with the paws and the press button, so don’t expect anything grand. The camera’s not up to much and it’s only basic editing. It’s a bit of fun and I’m so pleased to take part.

Here’s the job. Black and White Photography Challenge: Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No explanation. No people. (and, Ben’s rule, no dogs) Challenge someone new each day.

Today I nominate Rebecca Cousins, my person’s niece, who has a lovely life on a canal boat with her best friend Bobby. Becky fights for something called social justice and this is her Facebook page. Me and Bobby are going to be such good friends. Accept this challenge if you like and when you can. 7 black and white photos of Bobby’s life, but not of Bobby himself, and post to Facebook.

I found this quote on Simonetteffect’s  blog. Simon is a German photographer who loves working with black and white images.

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it.”

Irving Penn (1917 -2009)

I’ve been a changed dog after flogging up lots of mountains I can tell you, but it’s all worth it when ever I read this story and it certainly touches my heart. I am in love with Bumble SANDRA BELL AND BUMBLE – Partnership study . Bumble is on the left in the leaflet below… see what I mean



Love Ben xx 0


TOGGS-DOGS (fighting the flab)

Friends, collies and Millie – my comrade in paws,

We don’t seem to be gathering much support for DADI (Dogs Against Diets Incorporated). Our poor fellow victims must be too weak, from their diets, to even think about marching for their rights. Therefore, I think we need to up the anti and go radical. Millie, are you up for it?

To start off with, here’s something to wear when we are forced to go to those two legged things in white coats, who are licenced to put us through horrible examinations and invade our bits and bobs.

dog on diet 2

DAVID! is a new slogan. It stands for, Dogs Against Veterinary Imposed Diets. You just have to print this off, onto an adhesive label, and find a badge to stick it onto. I’m told your people have done their bit of lobbying and marching in their time, so there should be the odd badge knocking about the place. Don’t get them mixed up though. I think your vet would accuse you of casting aspersions on his veterinary ethics, about segregated dogs, if you went in wearing an anti-apartheid badge. Becky – my person’s niece – is big into supporting the underdog, so I’ll I see if I can get her to find us a ready supply of cheap badges. I’m sure that when we have a few barks, with fellow travellers in the waiting room, they’ll be champing at the bit to join our campaign.

I was in one of the torture chambers again today and had a nasty receptacle inserted into my left nostril. I think Andy was a bit sympathetic to my cause (despite his professional status) because he did manage to relent a bit, compensating for the intrusion with a small portion of Danish blue.

Just one question for you Millie, how are your leadership skills? I’m big on vision and direction myself but I’m a bit lacking in the tact and diplomacy department. Don’t forget to check out the comments part of my posts on the website, where I type my replies to you.

I’m also big into power napping. Does that come under leadership?

And so to bed.


Love Ben xx