Dog poet wins poetry award for second time :)

Dear Muses,

I am such a proud dog. Thank you so much to Colleen for awarding me the great honour of Poet Of The Week, for the poem in my last blog , and for hosting such a brilliant weekly challenge. I am humbled to be chosen among all the choice from such great poets. I have learnt such a lot about the art from all of them.


Each Monday Colleen posts a recap of that week’s challenge which contains the work of the winner, and links to all the other poet’s contributions at the end. Starting this week, every time I enter the poetry challenge I am going to add the link to the recap post for the preceding week. Then all my other readers, who love poetry as much as I do, can scroll to the end, click onto the other contributors blogs and read their work too.

Resting on my laurels

SF 8

Love Ben xx 0



OMG, look what I’ve done now.


Thank you so much for coming to read my poem.

I had to do a v. v. v long journey recently which, joyously, gave me lots of time for poetry 🙂 As a result I have pawed a garland cinquain in response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. The prompt words this week – to be used synonymously – are: congregate and passion.

This is what a cinquain is all about.


A garland cinequi is a sequence of five stand alone cinquains with a sixth one that takes a line, in sequence, from each of the preceding five.

I have done my jolly best to stick to all the rules. Admittedly, line 3 of cinequi 4 doesn’t have obvious verbs but, if you had ever seen us dogs go, you would know we are the very personification of doing words 😎

I got a little carried away, with the whole thing of picking lines from preceding cinquains to make a new one thing, so… using my big Border Collie brains, I played around a bit – see no. 5. What larks 🙂


Our best people friend Trevor, with treats for Maisie, Amber and me


Forest beckons
Our people gathering
Excitement heralding the day

Green canopy
Filtering sunlit paths
Canine playground, ecstatic dogs

Derek, Stewart,
Meeting – David, Trevor
Talking about the president

Maisie, Toby,
Amber, Sam and Chuckles
Convene the doggy parliament

Walking Chestnuts
Chasing Mary raging
Benzie zealous in protection

Green Canopy
Meeting – David, Trevor
Convene the doggy parliament

By Ben, the dog poet © 2018

That was hard work, must sleep.

Ben Asleep
And so to bed

Love Ben xx 0

Dog-poet tries a Cinquain

Dog-poet tries a Cinquain for Colleen’s Tuesday Tanka challenge – joy and fury, synonymously

A little dog-poet licence perhaps but this is the basic formCinquain



By Ben, the dog-poet © 2018

I was so scared of the water and it took a lot of coaxing to help me overcome my fear but I love chasing ball more anything in the world. Throwing it just out of my reach got me – eventually – plunging. Then I was out of my depth and had to cope (swim) and I haven’t looked back. Show me a circumference of water and I will drag any human holding my lead to it, with a fury, based on joy!

Love Ben xx