Ben’s Team

Oh… thank you for coming to have a look at all the brilliant people and company’s who are supporting my epic Munro challenge.

Here you can see a slide show of the growing list of companies that are helping me with my big charity adventure, giving me a paw up in one way or another. It’s an intimate, select group at the moment. I’ve had a bit of insider information and believe, once my person gets that retirement thingy she can’t stop talking about, in 2020, we are going into promotional overdrive.

If you are interested in sponsoring me in anyway, teeny-weeny small or v. v. v big, or indeed know  of a philanthropist – or company – that might be, I can do a blog reviewing your products, linked to my person’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. I will add your logo to this gallery and, at the beginning of every month, all my sponsors will be featured on my blog.

Contact me via my person –

Alternatively, donations can be given, anonymously or not, through our just giving page

Just giving – Mucky Boots and Flawless Paws


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