DBTG – Van update, vet visit, blog make over

Friends, collies and geeks,

Well my van is back from hospital and all my paws are crossed, which makes the simple joys in life, like walking, a bit difficult. Anyway, I’m taking my van on our hols to the caravan, to give it a test run. If all goes well, and the weather turns good for a few days – anytime in the next two weeks – me and B can head up to the Cairngorms.

By the by, I’ve had a couple of outpatient appointments myself in the last week. A graze was turning nasty. In fact, I had something called a granuloma because no one could stop me licking my wound. I was a canine Houdini when it came to getting my sock off. I’ve had steroids and am on antibiotics but Andy still isn’t that happy with it, so I’ve now got cream as well. It doesn’t stop me walking though. Only keeping my paws crossed about my van does that.

a sock

Me and B haven’t been idle while we’ve been trying to get everything right for the Munros. We have given my blog a make over, having learnt all about pages and wikis.


You can even translate my blogs into other languages. So, for the Cousins family, how about reading this post in Italian, while you are there and let me know if the translation is any good.

All this geeking is v. v. v hard work…

And so to bed

a 220

Love Ben xx

Customer satisfaction quandary

Friends, collies, dogs with nasty imponderables (ouch!),

Following my survey results and after lots of very hard thinking, I have hit on a plan to please most of my followers, most of the time – I hope 🙂

So here’s the deal. I promise a dog blog every month with the odd shorter, Dog Blog To Go, in between. After a Munro weekend I will publish a series of blogs to cover the walks. These will replace my normal monthly blog. I’m even going to let you know which type of blog you are in for by formalising the subject line. Here are examples of how the subject line might look:

March Blog – Customer Satisfaction Survey

DBTG – Pictures of Ben

Munro blog – 07.07.2017

How’s that? And – as if that wasn’t enough big brained, Border Collie problem solving for one blog – I’m even going to learn how to do precise. Then, for longer blogs, I can give  you a very short summary at the beginning and you can decide to read it or not.

All this is aimed at trying to make sure you don’t get fed up of reading my blogs. Let’s face it, as B gets older and even more creaky, I’m going to need all the encouragement I can get to keep hauling her up mountains.

Oh, that has made me tired,

And so to bed.


Love Benx