We’re off!

Friends, collies, Munro dogs,

I just knew there was something a foot last night. Racking my big collie brains brought distant memories of summer evenings, with lots activity around my van, were always followed by a big adventure for me and B the next day.

Looks like we’re off at last and, learning to live with this COVID person, we’ve got to take lots of paw gel too; the van is full of it. So, that dream I mentioned in my last post wasn’t a dream after all. It’s very exciting and equally scary.

Wish me luck. I might have a little doze on the way up.

And so to bed

Lots of love





2 thoughts on “We’re off!

  1. Dearest Ben,

    I wondered why you weren’t in your cushion this evening. Stay safe and be alert while you are away, and try not to chew through your face covering again! See you Sunday.

    Much love,



  2. Whow so you are off!! So exciting for you, Ben. We await news of your adventures with baited breath. Have a wonderful time and stay safe. Love from Miss Mimi, Kera and Merry, plus Sue and James XXX

    Sent from my iPad



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