The time has come – part 2

Friends, Collies, patient people,


Finally, I can spill all the beans about the biggest competition yet this year.


Wow, gosh and Shiver me Timbers. I thought it was only Border Collies that were clever. What brilliant responses I’ve had to my photo caption competition. Me and B have loved reading them all, what laughs. Thank you very much to everyone who entered.

Like I have said, it has been sooooo hard to choose but in the end I’ve had to divide my prize into a first and three runners up.

Lynda gets the first prize for spotting what was going on. She recognised that locked gaze as a game me and B play, when we are looking at each other; it’s called ‘First One To Blink Forfeits.

Lynda thought I was saying,
“Whoever blinks first carries the rations.
But I think the eyes say it all. Love you Mum.”

Of course she also caught that look of unconditional love that I’m so famous for.

However, it wasn’t totally correct because – although food would usually come into all of my communication, in one way or another – on this occasion I had just had a nice big dinner and therefore, settling down for some lovely zzzs was top of my agenda. Those of you who spotted me willing B to blink first, so I could have a lovely comfy bed are the runners up.

Denis said,
“Remember it’s my turn in the bed tonight”

Liz was of a similar mind,
“I wanna sleep in the big bed Bea! Xx”

And, Evelyn suggested I had v. v.  v elevated aspirations
” Have we booked into a 5***** tonight, B?”

AND, so to the prizes

Musical NotesMusical NotesMusical Notes

First prize is a delightful little book I’ve been reading and one of my very special, limited edition, Mucky Boots and Flawless Paws pens.  There will only ever be 120 of these in the whole wide world. They may even become a collectors item Winking Face.



Two dogs go on a quest to find out all about
why their person disappears for something called meditation every night, and then they try to follow a path towards enlightenment. I thought that was going to be a breeze and sailed through the unconditional love and living in the moment parts, but then I got stuck on the bit about patience.




The runners up prizes consist of one of my very special pens and a pack of Wainwright treats for their best pal (s). Or, if they don’t have a best canine pal (can such things really be?), the best pal of one of your best pals – ummm, well I know what I mean.




I’m going to drop everyone a reply to their guess on the original post (Ben’s New Year Competition) but, before then, I’ll need lots of zzzzs.

SF 9
And so to bed!

Love Ben





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