Thank you my patient friends

Friends, collies, v. v. v patient dogs,

I am so, so, sorry to – only now – be posting blogs about my Munro exploits at the end of August.  Modesty forbids me telling you that I’m great on getting my thoughts assembled straight away (oh I just have!) but, I have to rely on my person with the technology – there’s only so much a paw can do – and now I’m all behind. She pleads all sorts of excuses of course, and I’m promised a better service after retirement – which sounds slower rather that faster to me but here’s hoping. However, the next few days will, at last, give you a window into the world of our adventure the last time we were both in the Munros. So bear with me please, it’s taken a lot of nagging and, I believe, my persistence has pushed my records ahead of all those walks she went on without me, which she still has to publish. Ben’s blogs, naturally, take precedence.

While waiting there was only one thing I could do.

And so to bed!

Lots of love,

Ben AA HeartPawPrint



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