The time has come…

Friends, collies, people on tenterhooks

Today is the day of my big competition result…………

The competition question was, what type of animal lives here?
I told you that the winner would be the first person to get my correct answer.


I’m a bit of a cad really because my correct answer is…

a very dirty animal (hee, hee, hee)

In truth, I’ve no idea what animals live in burrows in peat. My person did try to find out for me but no one has got back to her from the Cairngorms National Park website. However, she found this report on the net and it seems any of your answers could be correct, looking at the type that were found on a large bog in the highlands of Scotland.

Animals that live in peat bogs

Of the two animals mentioned in your answers, that also appear in the report, mountain hares, unlike rabbits, don’t live in burrows and the present of a pine marten is a mystery as they like to build dens in trees and rocks and this tract of land had neither. It could even be that these aren’t burrows at all, just depressions in the peat made by the weather!!!

Anyway, for being such a tease I’m going to send everyone who entered my competition one of my souvenir limited edition pens. There will only ever be 120 of these pens in the whole wide world so…
when I’m famous…. emojoy


Stephanie, if you would like a pen please e mail my person with your address, I will make sure you get your pen.

If anyone else would like one of my special pens they need to donate £3 here and then e mail my person. Munro challenge doggy bag fund – just giving

You can find out about my special charity challenge here.
Ben’s v. v. v big charity challenge

Thank you so much for entering the fun.
It’s such hard work… must sleep


Love Ben AA HeartPawPrint

4 thoughts on “The time has come…

  1. Thank you Ben. When are you going to come and see us. Do ask B?
    There is a bed and breakfast attached to our village pub and they just love dogs to stay. It’s very reasonable at £60 a night B&B
    Unless you stay here of course. xx

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