One thought on “Last chance

  1. It’s no good, Bernadette: I just can’t get your blog. I’ve clicked on all the blue lines and in one I found an image of Ben… but that was all. But I did want to send you this piece of an ancient talk on meditation (which Mary gave me last Sunday):

    “Those who are going to be good meditators nearly always have a drop of mountaineers’ blood in their veins. To climbers, everything to do with a climb is of vital importance and interest, even the preparations beforehand, for they see the end in the beginning. This is what the explorer in meditation must see, for in the final analysis, every happening, whether it takes place in the mind, or in the outer world, has a bearing on meditation and can affect it. Before an expedition starts the stores and the baggage (+) must be checked and weighed… Success in meditation, as in mountaineering is dependent on careful preparation”.

    Love, Tom.

    + oh and the van and Ben.


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