At last, I’m off

Friends, collies, dogs with Kangoo owners,

My person has been away Munroing without me three times already this year, and I’ve been getting more and more fed up about it. This was meant to be our big, big project.

I know, I know, there’s a bit of a thing about me chasing bikes on those long rides into the Cairngorms, and the temptation of nipping moving ankles which, for some reason, doesn’t seem to go down too well.

Then… additionally, I’m not allowed on ridges and scrambles in case someone suddenly comes my way that I might be frightened by and the same – rather unfortunate – outcome!!

Apparently, I’m not quiet the easy Munro buddy I might have been 😦

But, my people still think I’m rather special and there are lots of hills we go up together so …. HUGE excitement ………….


Must get some beauty sleep first

And so to bed!

Love Ben untitled 1

7 thoughts on “At last, I’m off

  1. Hooray Ben!
    Can all this ankle nipping talk be right? I simply can’t believe it. I witnessed NO such thing on the beach at New Year. We thought you a perfect gentleman.
    Have wonderful time in the hills.
    With love from your fans in East Norfolk.


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