High days and holidays #Senury

Thank you for coming to visit a dog poet. This is my weekly poem in response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge From a range of structured poetry types we create our verse, in response to two words prompts.

As Colleen is out of action, while in the upheaval of moving house, we are selecting our own two words. This week my words are, happy and family.

I have such a lovely life with everything I need, in ample sufficiency, provided with love and kindness. As well as my walks, lovely food and  luxury soft furnishings (for relaxation), I have a wonderful garden to play in. Then, when we go on holiday it’s even better still. Me and my people spend all day everyday together, and I am beside myself with happiness. We have just had a wonderful week tramping across the Moors, in North Yorkshire (UK). My short Senury is about that.

Moors 1    moors

Oh, blessings bestowed

Day long walks with my people

Playing lots of ball.

Love Ben, the dog poet © 2019













One thought on “High days and holidays #Senury

  1. Dearest Ben,

    So glad that you enjoyed tramping across the moors with us, and that you are so happy with your life at home. Just ask, if there is anything else you need.

    Much love,


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