The dog poet’s first Shadorma

Hello and welcome,

Thank you for coming to read my Shadorma. This is a poem of 6 lines with a format of syllables that goes: 3 5 3 3 7 5. I’ve done my best counting and hope I’ve got it right. It is my poem for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge where we poet’s write one of the structured poems permitted. We have to integrate as synonyms the two words given as a prompt. This week the words are begin and fresh.

You can read about it here: Colleen Chesebro’s Poetry prompt challenge guidelines

You can read all the poems from last week here: Tuesday poetry challenge 117, recap

And, if you need a little bed time reading to send you to sleep, you can read all my poems ever, here: The dog poet’s poems

The dog poet’s first Shadorma


Even dogs
Sense the turning of the year
Big on smells
Where soil churns, and itching roots
Launch virginal buds.

By Ben, the dog poet ©2019





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