A triple Nonet poem for Christmas

Fellow festive poets,

This is my contribution to Colleen’s poetry challenge. In the run-up to Christmas, we have been given three weeks of words, to be used as synonymously in our poems. They are: try and life; fly and sing; belief and joy

I have decided to do one poem with three stanzas, utilising the two words for each week in consecutive stanzas (I’m great!). The poem’s structure is a Nonet which is a sequence of syllables that runs: 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. My middle stanza is a reverse Nonet, starting with 9 syllables and ending with 1.

This is my first every Nonet and I do so hope you like it.


Determined, sustained effort,
Flying focus of trained eye.
Zealous application of
Aerodynamic laws
Plots trajectory
With Collie brain.
One buoyant

Through the sky
Reaching mouth, such
Ecstasy. Ben’s own
Guiding philosophy:
To bark, to jump, to chase those
Spherical objects of desire;
Camera captures airborne embrace.

Garlands on mantels, candles alight
And presents stacked below the tree.
Trusting Santa, all paws crossed,
Excitement unconstrained.
Tear the wrapper and…
Hark! The yellow
tennis coats


I hope you have your best Christmas ever and get your heart’s desire.

Lots of love

Ben xx 0












6 thoughts on “A triple Nonet poem for Christmas

  1. Ben you just get better and better. I think you would have found a friend in the Archbishop of Canterbury’s dog.
    He is just a puppy and had a little piddle on the floor when I was there. 🙂🙂

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  2. Merry Christmas Colleen. I’m all warm and cozy because you saw my poem in your quieter spell! Thank you :). My people send you their v. v. v warmest wishes for the festive season too and,for me, getting to know you has been the highlight of my year. Lots of love Ben xx


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