Ben’s own contribution to Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018 :)

Friends, collies and festive dogs,

My mate Ani, ‘the small dog’, has v. v. v kindly used one of the days of her advent calendar to post my Christmas poem. Thank you very much Ani.

Ani’s advent calendar is a rich eclectic mixture of stories, poems and fables about the festive season. There are posts about Christmas in the war, a children’s Christmas and even saving abandoned Christmas trees and giving them new life. I know all about that being abandoned once. There are lots of fascinating links to other information too. Did you know mistletoe has a history linked with the Druids. I can’t say for sure if they did some of that kissing stuff under it or not. Anyway, check out my poem here. Then you can navigate to all the older days on the calendar and watch out for the ones to come.

via Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Search and rescue, Munros and Ben

Ani’s person has a lot to say too. She is a writer, poet and photographer and fills her blog with so many interesting articles.  She also publishes loads of work by other bi peds you really need to check her out

Happy reading

Love Ben 🐾


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