Spooky tales from Dartmoor

Thank you for coming to visit my blog at Halloween, when the spirits roam the earth. This is my response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This week the two words to be used as synonyms are haunt and spell.

Here is my spooky tale from the remote heart of Dartmoor, in South West England, famous for it’s bog and cloying fog. All is not what it seems and one of my com-patriarchs comes a cropper, quite unnecessarily as it turns out.

The whole terrifying saga

This is my very first Etheree poem and I’ve made it a double!!


Cauldron’s brew
The grimpen mire’s
Notorious swamp
Mysteriously claims
Aristocratic body.
Legend triumphs over logic
An Ancient curse surpasses reason
A supernatural beast prowls and growls.

Deerstalker and pipe fearless on the moor
Holmes, scrutinising supposition,
Exposes a greedy cancer
Devouring the very soul
And house of Baskerville.
Dressed up for witchcraft
Bloodhound frightens
Canine fate
– Poor boy –

Ben, the dog poet © 2018

This is what all the other poets got up to last week





















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