3 Weeks on…

Dear friends, followers and visitors,

I’m usually an upbeat sort of dog but losing my best friend has knocked me sideways.

I can’t pretend to be happy anymore and, apparently, my people are looking for a new companion to help me out, sooner than they would have chosen. Sorry it’s such a sad poem this week, in response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge as I lay bare a lost canine soul. Never, ever, believe we don’t experience loss as a great sadness. Our memories linger so long because our sense of smell is so acute; our friends are all around us and we don’t understand what has happened.

For my soul mate – Maisie
(6th April 2003 – 3rd September 2018)

Maisie for Bens blog

Chiming hearts persist
Defining purgatory;
Loving equals hurt.
I plummet, my core objects
So that comfort mimics salt.

Ben the v. v. v sad dot poet© 2018

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Love Ben x

5 thoughts on “3 Weeks on…

  1. I am so sorry Ben. You have not known what it is like to be without a canine housemate.
    Maisie will be hard to replace as she was pretty special.
    You, Bea and David and always in our thoughts. ❤️❤️


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