Dog poet remembers

Hello, and a big thank you for visiting my blog.

This is my entry for Colleen’s 100th poetry challenge To mark this auspicious occasion Colleen has suggested that we choose our own two prompt words, to be used synonymously in the poem.

This was very easy for me because of the big sad event that happened this week, when our old girl, and my best friend, Maisie, had to be put to sleep at wonderful age of 15 years and three months. However, I don’t want to take away from the great poetry event by being down in the mouth. My people told me we have to remember all the good times, so my poem is about that, though it is v.v. v hard.

My words are: joy and remember. 

An animal brain
Codes sensory stimuli
For rapid recall,
Blissful golden memories
Compensate now my friends gone.

Frost, cold on my paws,
Reminds me. Summer, mown grass
Smelling like nectar.
Autumn floodlights, tugging sticks.
Happy sunlit days of yore.

By Ben, the dog poet  ©2018

Scroll down for what all the two-legged Poets contributed last week.

Love Ben xx

5 thoughts on “Dog poet remembers

  1. Oh, Ben… As my tears fall, I feel your loss across the miles that separate us. I lost my two lovely “hairy” girls last year just short of their fourteenth years. They were sisters, so I know how this loss pains you. Thank you for sharing your joy and letting us remember with you. Hugs and love. ❤

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  2. Thank you so much Vashti. Cuddles and my dinner are the thinks that help. My friend’s smell is everywhere which makes me sad. I tuck up in my cushion in the bedroom but my people make me go sit with them instead of being on my own. I am so pleased you like my poems Thank you again, Love Ben 🐾

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