Munros 2018, the next (dog) leg

Friends, collies, all Canine Parners (but especially Bumble),

What a big day I had at the training team meeting, outlined in my last post. Now, oh boy now, at last, 3 years down the line, I was actually going to meet the love of my life – the wonderful Bumble, who does all these cleaver tasks for her person, to help her out.

Bumble Bell

To be honest, and I’m all for honesty, it didn’t go brilliantly. There was me and Bumble and three, yes three, of the two legged things. I thought the surveillance was a bit OTT and it rather cramped my style (possibly that could be a good thing). Actually, I was exhausted, what with the heat, and having to be on my best behaviour the whole day (see my last post), and Bumble was rather forward, I thought. I don’t like to admit it but I slunk away under a garden bench. Perhaps next time we could have a run in the park, , where my amorous attentions might be given a little more freedom to roam.


Also, I was v. v. v worried about my van. It had done us proud on the motorway but, when we got to Bumble’s house, the electronic window broke  and it was half open. How could I go Munroing when someone could put their hand in and steal all my treats, while we were out on the hills. I wasn’t so worried about the windscreen wiper that stopped working because there hadn’t been any wet, wet, wet for ages.

The long and the short of it was that, with much technical support and even more elbow crease, my window was prised shut and we set off North on a wing, a prayer, and an RAC membership card. It was late by the time we rolled up at a place to rest our heads, just north of the Bridge of Orchy but, wasn’t it just worth the journey.



Oh, for the Munros next day, but first…

And so to bed

Love Ben xx untitled 1




3 thoughts on “Munros 2018, the next (dog) leg

  1. Hello Ben
    Twice I have tried to write to you only to have this silly site delete my comments. All because I tried to be clever and have my own website on WordPress and they keep wanting my password which I have forgotten.
    It must have been difficult trying to get acquainted to Bumble with so many bipeds there.
    I read about your training day and you seemed to fit in very well.
    I do wish you luck with the van, I hope it serves you and B well this trip. The views must be amazing from the van and even better when you are outside.
    Good luck
    Love from Mary your biggest fan xx


  2. Thank you Mary, my biggest fan, for writing to me and continuing to follow my v. v. v big adventure. I am going to write some blogs now about the Munros we done. You are right the views are even better when we get walking. I hope your wobbly step are going well.
    Lots of love, Ben xx

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