Fame, at last!

Friends, collies and sales dogs,

I’ve been head hunted! I’m not altogether sure I like the idea of hunters going after my head but I’ll need time to think about that.

Very nice people from a company called Olight World have been looking around the net and think my blog is fab. How cool is that! As a result we are entering in to a win, win relationship and here’s the deal. I do a review of one of their products, which are torches, and tell people how to purchase them, in exchange for a free sample of that product. Also, I get a small percentage on any sales from the second link below. I can put all that into my charity fundraising and I promise not to spend any on treats.

Now, before agreeing to this I did a bit of surfing about, in an internet sense, to make sure I was going to be able to give the torch a good review. After all it would be a bit rich, wouldn’t it, if the lit up people are kind enough to sent me a free gift and then, because I’m an honest soul, I don’t rate their torches highly. Anyway, I had a look on amazon, as dogs do, and  punters are raving about all the O light torches, five star ratings by virtually everyone.

Link to the range of Olight torches

Anyway, the product I got is an Olight I3T and it is truly amazing. Just about 9 centimetres long it weighs less than 35 grams and for £19.99 you get is a whacking 180 lumens of light, all running on one AAA battery. Whoof, oh whoof, is that a lot of light. A dog learns an awful lot of interesting new things when they start Munroing. The torch can light up your whole world on full beam or, if like me, you enjoy a stroll in the dark you can have it on a low light, 5 lumens, just to make sure you don’t fall down a pot hole.


Link to the Olight I3T

Me and my person took it Munroing at the weekend and it was the tops. The best bit is that it is light enough to carry all the time in my panniers. Then, when B gets us lost, as she is prone to do, we can always see our way, and see the map and compass, even if it is dark, even if it is v.v.v dark. Obviously, such a small battery lights the torch on full beam for a limited time, an hour, but they are so small you can carry spare batteries. Anyway, you can have the lower light on for 7 hours on just one battery. Me and my person like to do a bit of that mixing and matching thing, that has become very popular these days.

Climbing Munros is tiring so we were deep into zzzs before dark and didn’t get photos, but we took some at home last night in the dark. These are lit by the torch, our flash wasn’t needed.


Some of the paw print mountains on my van.
Paw print mountains on my van
Fox gloves in our garden
Foxgloves in our garden








The back of our house
The back of my house from about 75 metres distance


Anyway, don’t just take my bark for it. You can read more about what others are saying from the link above, but I do believe I am the first dog to give it the paws up.

If you would like to buy one, or know other people who are looking for a powerful small torch,  please go for Olight and use my link, helping me to fund the training of dogs to fetch, carry and provide unconditional love for disabled people, as well as the training for other dogs to find people who get lost or injured, all of them lighting up the lives of people in need.

Oh my goodness isn’t reviewing hard work.

Turn the lights out, please.

SF 1
And so to bed

Love Ben untitled 1

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