Munros 2018, here we come

Friends, collies, heat loving dogs,

I have neglected my blog for too long and now I need to get back in the grove, keeping you up to date with my 2018 Munro adventures, or lack of them to date. A v. v. v big welcome and thank you, to those of you who have joined my blog this year, taking a peek as I share my world and sometimes, even liking my attempts at writing verse.

Best big news is that I am still alive and kicking when I might not have been. My people’s desire to get me exercised early each day, by playing ball before it gets too hot, wasn’t  very clever after all, when the temperature was, sometimes, already 20C. Apparently us canines can get heat stroke doing things like that. We read a big long post about it on Facebook and I can tell you it was scary stuff. Now I might get to play ball at midnight if it’s cool enough. Think of that, can the earth hold any greater riches than chasing a luminous ball at midnight?

Next big news is that my van is good to go for another year and all packed up too. Though I’m a bit concerned about where I meant to sleep. Being rather cheeky we took it for it’s annual health check a bit early, to avoid those nasty new tests that are probably going to set it up to fail next year.


We have been ready for the off since early May and had a lovely holiday in the Lake District, getting good and fit. Just then my person had to go away; she has been away tons and I don’t like that at all. Me and my van have been waiting patiently at home. Then, and anyone who knows Scotland will marvel at this, it got too hot, over 30C some days, can you believe that, in Scotland of all places. So, as a result, we had to give the Munros a swerve last weekend too. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed – which is actually quite difficult for a dog – for this coming weekend.

It depends on the old girl though. She has been falling further apart since her 15th birthday and her back legs have nearly gone altogether, bless her.


She does a neat line in stumbling about, once she gets a lift up, but the times when her wonky back legs won’t hold her up at all are getting more and more frequent. Soon it will be kinder to take that one last visit to the vet. That’s a day none of us are looking forward to at all. I really don’t won’t to even give that sort of thing headspace and just try and think about playing ball at midnight to help keep me positive.

For those following my progress, these are the Munros we hope to climb this weekend. Stob Dubh & Stob Coire Raineach, close to Glen Coe and then: Beinn Archaladair, Beinn a Chreachain, Beinn Dorain, Beinn an Dothaidh and Beinn Mhanach. All near Bridge of Orchy.

Wish me luck?

I’ll keep you posted, need sleep first.

SF 7
And so to bed…

Lots of love Ben xx untitled 1


8 thoughts on “Munros 2018, here we come

  1. Dearest Ben,

    I have just been reading your blog from my perch in the Brackenrigg. Hope you have great walking over the next few days and don’t get too hot. The old girl is getting wobblier by the day, sadly, but then she is eleven years older than you! Will be thinking of you on your adventures. More power to your paws.

    Much love


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  2. Oh thank you for visiting my blog Reb and having a chat. I did get Munroing but had to come back a day early because my older pal at home is going down the tubes. She rallied when she saw me and my person, so we’ll see how she gets on. I’m going to be writing up all my Munro blogs about my days away very soon. Midnight ball is the tops! Love Ben

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  3. My David,

    Thank you so much for letting me and B go away and for looking after our old girl so well all the time. If it gets too much and in the words of Carol King, “you just call out my name and I’ll come running, I’ll come running, to see you again”. Well, perhaps driving is more like it. It’s a long way to run from Bridge of Orchy to Lockerbie.

    Love Ben xx


  4. Oh thank you so much. I’ve heard all about the person Harry Potter. I’m very keen on a bit of magic myself though I’ve never quite got the hang of waving a wand. I’m good at spells though and have a nice line in barking them out – quite loudly actually!! Love Ben x

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