Dog-poets latest #micropoetry #senryu


how lovely of you to visit me, thank you. This is the latest offering of the dog-poet in response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge The two prompt words this week, to be integrated synonymously, are celebrate and sing.

You can read all about my v. v. v big adventure by visiting my home page  and also, my Munro blogs. All my poems are here dog-poets page


Meall a Choire Leith
Meall a Choire Leith


Wag, wag tail for each

hill climbed. Barking hosannas

punctuate  Munros

By Ben, the dog-poet © 2018

4 thoughts on “Dog-poets latest #micropoetry #senryu

  1. I had to look up Munro, which is Scottish for mountains in height over 3,000 ft. I’ve been meaning to ask you about that. LOL! It’s a marvelous name! I think (you’re going to slap me I’m sure) this is a Haiku because it so related to nature. Like I recently read, if in doubt don’t label your poem if you submit it for publication somewhere – unless it’s really obvious. I do love Ben the dog poet’s poetry. ❤


  2. Oh, I’m so, so flattered that you like my attempt at poetry.
    My person and I are climbing all the Munros for a charity challenge. There are 282 of them!
    We thought Munro would be a bit obscure for some people, so I suppose a word or 2 of introduction would have helped.

    Stupidly she didn’t look at the link you sent last time again before posting. When she did she realised it was one of those slightly grey areas 2 and 3 in the table, but because it is about nature, even though slightly amusing, it’s a Haiku. Not sure she’ll ever it right.

    We are a long way from trying to get anything published officially but might just stick to micro poetry as the term of choice.

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