10 thoughts on “International Haiku Day – a poem for Colleen

  1. Well now, me and my person had a big debate about this. We knew it couldn’t be a Haiku because that is about nature, isn’t it? So it’s a bit of a cheeky for International Haiku day. We get a bit confused with a Senryu, because we thought they were meant to hold a bit of irony, or be humorous in some way, while ours was heartfelt. Could we have written a bit of verse that holds to the structure of a Haiku or Senryu but – strictly speaking – isn’t either. Or is there a distinguishing feature that makes it a Senryu. I may be a dog but I love learning about poetry 🙂

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  2. I’m going to direct you to this site: http://www.graceguts.com/essays/the-difference-between-haiku-and-senryu. Now, here is my thought process: This is a serious poem with a human component and falls in that category 2 of the chart on the site above. I feel like your last line: “poets whisper thanks,” is almost tongue in cheek (clever, and cute, in this case. That gives me a humorous feel to the poem – not as serious by your choice of words. That is the primary reason I feel like it’s a senryu. Haiku really has a nature theme for most of our purposes. As you can see from the link I gave you, even PhD scholars will bicker over what it is. I always try to stay out of the gray areas between a senryu and a haiku if I am submitting for publication or a contest. Some haiku and senryu are hard to tell what they are and you as the author would then be required to argue for your poem and why. I’m glad you asked. If you do more research on these forms you will be able to tell the difference and write them as you see fit. I hope that helps. I tend to stay with the black and white. LOL! 😀 ❤


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