Ben’s springtime competition

Friends, collies, competitors,

The old girl is getting on a bit now and can’t walk the hills with us anymore 😓. So, to mark her great days on the hills, I am giving you the opportunity to tell me how many days she has been alive.

Maisie Helvlyn 18.05.17 small
Me, Maisie and David on Hellvelyn 23/04/2017

Here goes …

The hour hand has turned 10,954 times since Maisie was born, on the day I submitted this post. How old was she, to the day?

The first person with a correct answer will be the recipient of a super-duper Ben prize, (where ever you are in the world).

The lucky winner will be announced on Labour Day, 1st May 2018.

Good Luck and thank you for entering my competition.

Love Ben xx

4 thoughts on “Ben’s springtime competition

  1. Hmm, now cats are good at Maths but I do wish I knew how to use a calculator for this one. I shall have a wild guess at 14 years, 11 months and 363 days.
    Miaow for now 😉


  2. Speaking on behalf of my pendog Bobby, who has a mathematical brain, he
    reckons she is 15 years old on her birthday or his 5,469 days old today. xx

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