Willow in spring time


how wonderful that you have dropped in on me. Thank you v. v. v much. This is the latest offering of the dog-poet in response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge The two prompt words this week, to be integrated synonymously, are grow and honour, words just made for us to think about where we put our friend to rest, aged 19.


Willow, unfolding

into spring whispers a song

to silent ashes.

Blessings of fragile blossom

Bestowed on our cat Willow.

By Ben, the dog-poet © 2018

Love Ben x

6 thoughts on “Willow in spring time

  1. Oh, how lovely… as I sit here reading with tears streaming… ❤ An amazing tribute to a loyal friend. ❤ Hugs and I am so sorry for your loss. Willow touched my heart. ❤


  2. Thank you very much Colleen, I will pass on your kind commiserations. Having a special place to remember a special family member – for that is what we are – is sad but also healingly poignant, especially when blooms come each year. Poetry is such a wonderful powerful medium isn’t it. I only knew Willow briefly but apparently she was quite a character and would have been in that tree shaking the blossom about a bit!! Love Ben xx


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