Dog-poet tries a Cinquain

Dog-poet tries a Cinquain for Colleen’s Tuesday Tanka challenge – joy and fury, synonymously

A little dog-poet licence perhaps but this is the basic formCinquain



By Ben, the dog-poet © 2018

I was so scared of the water and it took a lot of coaxing to help me overcome my fear but I love chasing ball more anything in the world. Throwing it just out of my reach got me – eventually – plunging. Then I was out of my depth and had to cope (swim) and I haven’t looked back. Show me a circumference of water and I will drag any human holding my lead to it, with a fury, based on joy!

Love Ben xx



5 thoughts on “Dog-poet tries a Cinquain

  1. I messed up Colleen! I’m not very good at counting and I rely on my person. She let me down in line three. I didn’t really need to say ‘after’, at the end of the line. Obviously she can’t count either. I always knew waves weren’t an exact synonym of water but there aren’t many, so I thought I could get away with that. Still practice makes perfect, so more next week. Thank you for your lovely challenge. ❤

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  2. My person says you have given her a reason to write poetry again. Having a structure is very helpful and having to do them all through my experiences is an extra discipline. We are loving it and really learning lots from reading the others too. Thanks again, Love Ben xx


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