Dog-poet enters share your world – hello everyone

Oh my goodness, now I’m joining in the share your world (SYW) challenge with lots of lovely two legged things from all over the world. No one can call me a provincial pooch.

You all sound like an inclusive bunch so I do hope you don’t mind adding a four legged friend to the party.

This is how it works. Each week Cee posts three questions about my life which I answer, so that all my readers can find out more about me. Then I can also read the other posts and see what all the other humans doing this challenge are up to. Won’t it be interesting to compare with my people’s little world.

What are you reading right now?

Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior. Temple Grandin

Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin

TG really understands me. She knows all about my hyper- sensitive nose and ears because people like her, who are on the Autistic spectrum, can also have very astute senses. TG says she still doesn’t know when it’s OK, and when it’s not OK, to interrupt a conversation, because of her Autism. That’s something I’m always getting into trouble for too, when I go barging in. Mind you old TG hasn’t done too bad by it. Her lifelong passion for animals and her detailed knowledge of them has got her a v. v. v good job. She is an expert on all things cattle, has written lots of books and has even done an A rated Ted Talk.
You can find out about my other gifts of reading just here.    Click Mickey

What was your first adult job?


Since I reached the ripe old age of 1 my job has been Munro buddy to my person. This means I have to climb all 282 mountains over 3,000 feet in Scotland, my home, before I am 10. Its v. v. v hard work and I don’t get paid for it at all. Instead, I’ve got to try and raise £32,000 for two good causes and I’m not allowed any of it, not even for a tiny morsel of a treat. It’s quite a lot for a young dog to take on board. Anyway, I’m writing all about my adventures on my blog. I would just be so happy if you had a peep, and have a little bark with me. This is my home page.  Click Mickey

 What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

I’m not allowed cereal 😦 My meals are very samey. Dog biscuit every time, but I do get a nice hunk of my favourite mature cheddar, or a pork sausage and 1 or 2 other treats 🙂


I’d rather like a nice bowl of Granola though, it looks yummy.

What did you appreciate, or what made you smile this last week?

I just love running and playing in snow and we have had such a lot this year.

Paw prints in the snow 1

Thank you Cee for posing the questions and I look forward to finding out about everyone else’s world.

Love Ben xx 0

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