I won! Me, Ben poet of the week.

Friends, collies, poets all…

I am so proud to have been awarded poet of the week for Colleen’s wonderful, weekly poetry challenge.

Tanka tuesday

Tuesday Poetry Challenge

Just look what Colleen said about little old me.

Other than the fact that I ADORE dogs who write poetry, the simplicity of Ben’s words tells the whole story of this Senryu and the fabulous picture posted with the poem. It just felt like something a dog would write about. Sometimes the simplest things bring the most pleasure. ❤

My winning senryu


I’m a bit overwhelmed. Need to dissolve in dreams.

SF 7
And so to bed…

Love Ben xx untitled 1

7 thoughts on “I won! Me, Ben poet of the week.

  1. Oh Ben, what a star you are. An award winning poet dog! How amazing. Mimi, Kera and Merry are in awe.
    Congratulations from us all in Norfolk


  2. Thank you my faithful friends. I seem to have worn B out, she is in need of liquid refreshment. I might sneak up on the bed tonight – I might be allowed!! Love Ben xx


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