And the winner is … Barky Bark!

Friends, collies and Barky Bark (translation below),

Thank you everyone for entering into the spirit of my Christmas competition. Do drop me a comment below if you have enjoyed playing and if you have any ideas for future competitions.My own big idea, to entice shed loads of followers, by tagging famous people who had sent me good will wishes, so that I could attract advertising and thereby boost my fundraising, has been a disaster. However, I did get a few heart warming interludes. Out of all these people, that I personally wrote to, only four replied: Val Singleton, Bruce Fogle, Ben Fogle, Valerie Singleton, Peter Purvis, Sandy Tocsivig, Julia Bradbury, Lynn Truss, Elton John, Simon Callow, Richard Holloway, Steve Wright, Matt Baker, Johnny Walker, Graham Norton, Paul O’Grady, Claire Balding, Kate Humble, David Blunket, Jenni Murray, Elaine Page, Chris Evans, Mark Wallington, Steve Wright, Dermott O’Leary.

I was all despondency until B told me that some might have thought I was spam. That just made me totally depressed. I know I have my faults but I’m made of better stuff than that, aren’t I?

Anyway, enough of little old me. What about you?


                                    The time has come

The first person to come up with one of the four that did reply is … Gary Love, for Julia Bradbury. The very next day, after sending my e mail, her agent (and sister) contacted me. She told me I was a dog of many talents and thanked me for putting paw to keypad. She also ticked me off for calling B an aging, creaking thing (hee, hee). Gina said she was going to try and help me get more followers by linking my blog to Julia’s outdoor guide website, so there I am on this big important website.

Me on the last page. I was in early, a trail blazer

Woof, woof Gary, well done. Your prize is due to arrive on 6th January and will be winging it’s way to you then.

Later on, Mary McKie, also guessed one of my respondents. I’m not allowed to say who he is because he can’t promote my challenge, due to a conflict of interest, as he is patron of an alternative charity, doing very similar work. However, he did say that what I was doing was very commendable and wished me the best of luck with my fundraising blog. He said I was a delight. That warmed the cockles of my heart and made up for all those people who want me done for spam.

A prize also coming on it’s way to Mary and due 4th January.

Are you wondering who the other two were. Well the next person, none of you were anywhere near close too. It was the politician Roy Hattersley, whose dog Buster managed to get his diaries published. Commenting on my blog, he said The canine contribution to literature is much underrated. I hope that Ben’s work will help to remedy the injustice.” Such accolades for my very best writing. I went all wobbly in my tummy, though that could had been the big dinner I had just eaten.

Then six weeks later, when me and B were having a chat, in my van after one of our Muro walks, B went into her e mails and found this:

Dear Ben and Bernadette,

Thank you for your email

We appreciate your clever and touching note, and wish you luck with your wonderful cause.

See, not everyone thinks I’m spam.

Such hard work, need sleep.

BS1 476

And so to bed!

Love Ben xx untitled 1


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