Christmas competition, only one day left

Friends, collies, my special band of competition lovers,

Wow, what a lot of guesses, with just one day to go. I have highlighted those I did drop a line to, but only 2 replied – who were they??????? I wrote to others and had 2 more replies, who could they have been? Anyone for a last guess?Ian Botham, Bill Bailey, Claire Balding, Julia Bradbury, Matt Baker, John Barrowman, Matt Bacon, Martin Clunes x2, Julian Clary, Fearne Cotton, Sara Coxx 2, Nicky Campbell, Alan Davies, Anton Du Beke, Greg Dyke, Bobby Dyer, HRH Elizabeth x 2 Kate Humble, Noel Fitzpatrick x 2, Ben Fogl x3, Ricky Gervaise, Mel Giedroyc, Adam Hanson, David Jason, Robert Lindsay x 2, Rula Lenska, John Nettles, Jezza, Paul O’Grady x3, Dermot O’Leary, Peter Purvis, Sarah Parish, Ian Rankin, Esther Ranson, Helen Skelton x2, Pam St Clement, Phil Tufnell, Christopher Timothy, Claire Teal, Tim Vincent, Jo Whiley, Johnnie Walker.

Love Ben xxuntitled 1

2 thoughts on “Christmas competition, only one day left

  1. Cameron McNeish, Tony Robinson, Cerys Matthews, Dougie Vipond, John Craven.
    Hope Ben and Maisie are enjoying their winter break. 😁⛄⛄⛄

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