The battle of the Titans – help needed

Friends, collies,  rentokill!!!!!!!

It’s only little but it seems to be getting the better of us. Admiration for tenacity is one thing but sleeping comfortably in your bed is another. What are we going to do? Should we go for the kill or not. Please tell me what you think. Micky’s fate is in your hands.

And so, not to  bed 😦

Love Ben xx





5 thoughts on “The battle of the Titans – help needed

  1. Ah Ben, at last we have something in common. There is a mouse in our house, or as I believe you say up there “a moose in the hoose”. He lives in what was the pasta cupboard, I say “was” as his fondness for dried linguine means the cupboard is now bare (something I know doggies don’t like). I have been brought in to deal with the rascal. The problem is that the cupboard in question is where the mains comes up into the house (or so I’m told) and the little tike can get through the hole cut for the pipes. I am currently sat patiently outside, I can wait like this for much longer than he can resist dried pasta. I will write again once victory is mine with details of my fee for dealing with the van.
    Miaow for Now, Tink


  2. Dear Tink,
    thank you for your insightful comments. It seems that you felines have the problem all sewed up with your ability to sit around and wait. I’m not up to this myself, being of a border collie variety. We tend to be a bit more impulsive. Unfortunately, Micky seems to come from your school of thought and is able to sit it out too – BEDDED INTO MY SEAT AS IT HAPPENS – until there is not one around.

    I think the best plan is to try and get B skilled up, so she can do the waiting business and then adopt your approach – pounce. I can fix her up with a comfortable chair while she sits in wait, overnight.

    What do you think of this as a plan?

    Woof, woof… Love, Ben x


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