Mickey mouse – an upsetting update

Friends, collies, country mice,

The story so far… Micky has worked out how to get the peanut butter and avoid being caught (see last post).Sonic waves, in a sort of rodent ghetto blaster, haven’t worked either. I think Micky beds downs inside MY passenger seat during the day, with his paws (and foam) over his ears to keep the noise at bay. I reckon he slips out at night for a bite to eat and then,  dives back into his nest v. v. v quickly, letting Torpor subsume him, until he gets hungry again.

On the way in and out Micky leaves little messages, denoting squatters rights, all over our seats. The peppermint oil, at a cost of £2.95, was a complete waste of time, as he left the biggest message ever, like sticking up two paws at our attempts to ask him to move on nicely.

In the meantime B – fearful of a moose, loose aboot the hoose (my van) – hasn’t done the driving out that my van needs, to keep it going over the winter. Now it won’t start again and we are back to where we were this time last year.

My headspace is all sad and messed up; I need the comfort of my soft furnishings.

Soft Furnishings Nov 2017
And so to bed!

Love Ben xx AA HeartPawPrint


5 thoughts on “Mickey mouse – an upsetting update

  1. Oh, Ben,
    Have you thought that poor little Micky might be trapped in your van? Perhaps the door left open somewhere warm and sheltered would encourage him to move house. Maybe a nice cosy barn would take his interest?
    Park the van, lay a trail of his favourite food leading to a new des res and hope to be able to move the van away minus Micky!
    Love from Mimi and Kera


  2. Lovely email, Ben via Bernadette. What a problem for these winter days when you should be sitting back, relaxing at memories of past Munros and planning new heights.

    Mary and I are looking forward to meeting you at Salisbury.

    Love to you and David,



  3. Oh Mimi and Kera,

    Thank you for writing to me and with your brilliant ideas. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you; I’m all despondency. Micky seems to taken up a more permanent position by the day and I wonder if I will ever be my in van again : (

    Me and B had a big conflab about trying to entice Micky out of my van and into the redundant greenhouse, with the enticement of my peanut butter. In the end we decided that Micky would nip out, scoff up the grub and be back into the warmth of my van, without even looking at the alternative accommodation on offer. We were a bit worried that any other Micky or Mini, skulking around, might follow him to enjoy the midnight feast and we could end up even worse off.

    We are trying another tack at the moment, so I will let you know how it goes.

    I do hope you are going to be my canine advisers, in memory of Millie, who was my guru.

    Love Ben xx


  4. Dear Tom,

    I’m so happy you read my blog and thank you v. v v much for replying; it makes me a happy dog. As you know B has to do the typing but, I’m the brains behind the whole affair. After all, I am a border collie.

    Love Ben xx


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