Mickey Mouse – facts and stats

Friends, collies and Houdini mice,

It isn’t because of Walt Disney that I have called our mouse Mickey. It’s because the cunning (deceptively clever) little blighter is leading us a merry dance and taking the Micky. The story so far:

  • No of closed traps = 5
  • No of closed traps with no mouse = 3
  • No of times mouse evacuated from trap = 2
  • No of times mouse got back to my van = 2
  • No of open traps with peanut butter gone = 4
  • No of times mouse has manage to eat my peanut butter = 8

We caught the thief in the act last night and one (almost) has to admire his ingenuity. Because it was the smaller trap we could see what he was doing through my van’s window. While 2/3rds of his body was in the trap as he tucked into the feast, his back leg was stretched out behind him.  B said she could actually see how taut all it’s little sinews were as – in this way – he kept most of his weight outside of the trap and avoided it tipping, with the trap door shutting while he was inside. On retreat the door sometimes closed behind him and sometimes not.

I’ve been let down by my feline friend from Exeter who – apparently – finds plenty of ‘presents’ for his people in the garden at home. But me and B haven’t given up yet. Our next strategy is to employ  a…



Love Ben xx untitled 1




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