Older and wiser

Friends, collies, resting dogs

When I wrote a post about this time last year, I was all upset because B had gone off and done some Munros without me. Now – because I’m growing up and getting more mature (though I seem to be the only putting these words to this phase of my development) – I have become quite sanguine the whole going off and leaving me behind thing. A little disappointed perhaps, but accepting that circumstances will arise when B has to do some without me, to try and make sure we get them all done in our ten years.

Anyway, she was at it again a couple of weeks ago, putting number 25 this year, 47 altogether, in the bag. I haven’t got so laid back that I’m going to let her write up her escapades on my blog but, I have consented to put a link to her own blog in. Be warned tough, if you are inclined to read on, there won’t be any touching doggy moments in it.

Anyway here goes…

Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond) 5th September 2017

I feel so bountiful I think I’ll have a few contented zzzzs.

a 220
And so to bed.

Love Ben xx untitled 1

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