Base camp

Friends, collies, and hello Bobby,

A big, big welcome to my new cousin who is lucky enough to reside on a narrow boat. I bet a young puppy like you can get into all sorts of trouble of one of those. I can’t wait to meet you Bobby and for us to have fun and games together. Perhaps you might be able to persuade your person to do the Munros with B. Then we could be best buddies together.

We have returned from my last Munro weekend this year and I was very confused because we passed the turn off for home and came straight down to the caravan, which has some v.v.v welcome soft furnishings. Apparently, I’m on holiday here for two weeks. It’s hard for me to get an internet connection here, so I won’t be able to post all my latest adventures until I get home again but, rest assured, I will be busy writing them up in long paw.

What I can tell you for now is that we are back in one piece and did complete Munro routes every day, with 6 more now in the bag, bringing the total to 46. Please touch wood for me now, prior to reading the next sentence. My van did BRILLIANTLY. I now have a nice picture in my head of all my fans touching wood together.

In the meantime, look what Arnold Clark have up on their wall at their head office. It was designed in house by James Speed and then updated by Charlotte Hepworth. Aren’t they very clever artists?


In the meantime… zzz

And so to bed

Love Ben xx untitled 1

One thought on “Base camp

  1. Dearest Ben,

    So glad that you were able to arrive at the caravan earlier than planned. Maisie and I were overjoyed when we heard the chug chug chug of your van outside on Sunday evening instead of having to wait until Monday morning to see you. We look forward to reading about your latest Munro adventures with Bea once you get a chance to write them up.

    Much love



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