It seems we might be at it again!

Friends, collies, restless dogs,


Just as I posted my last blog – recording the highlights of our first two weekends of Munro bagging  –  it seems, we might be off again; destination and summits unknown. This doesn’t do anything to settle the anxiety juices that start doing a twist and shake, prior to a full blown tango, when packing commences. And, packing my van takes a v. v. v long time.

We are going to being doing a lot of that playing it by ear thing, which isn’t good for me. Not least because I can’t begin to think what it means. We are ranging about the south eastern Cairngorms and the south east highlands, taking us where the weather is finest. After such a horrible wet and windy spell we are just hoping we can do just a bit more before hanging up our boots for the year. Though, I have it on good authority, that B might be going off on some high ridges without me later on. I’m trying not to listen to that.

I’ll spill all the beans when I get back but I’ll need a lot of zzzzzzzzs first.

And so to bed

Love Ben xx untitled 1

One thought on “It seems we might be at it again!

  1. Dearest Ben,

    Have a great few days in the high places, and hope that you get good weather. Try and sleep on the way back on Monday morning, because you have got the next two weeks of fell walking to look forward to.

    Much love



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