A very special comment

Friends, collies and dogs with muses,

Oh, Golly Gosh,

Look at the poem David posted in response to my last blog. Just one of the ones where I was drifting off into sweet dreams. This poem was first published in a big fancy magazine called ‘This England’ and, the second time, is on my blog. How cool is that?

Copyright belongs to David Carroll not Ben, but I hope to profit – in the shape of nice juicy treats – as a result of any reproduction fees.

              Dog Dreams

What do dogs dream of I wonder,
As they shuffle and twitch by the fire;
A rabbit, perhaps, or a cat in the hedge,
Or a moment’s unbridled desire?

Are they chasing the wheels of a lorry,
Or hearing their dinner bowls clang,
Or recalling that moment an hour ago
When the telephone noisily rang?

Do they dream, like their master and mistress,
Of luxury cruises and cars,
Of jetting off to the West Indies
And propping up tropical bars?

Perhaps they’ve become rich and famous,
Their privileged lives one long treat,
Reclining in gold-lame` baskets
And dining off choice cuts of meat.

But when they awake from their slumbers,
And find their toys strewn on the floor,
They know in their hearts that life’s simple
Pleasures are what above all they adore.

Touche` David

Love Ben

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