Munro posts resumed

Friends, collies, literary dogs,

I have been away for two, of my three, Munro weekends this year. I did get all excited and publish a post about my first walk soon after I got back, while I was still high on adrenalin. After that exhaustion set in but I have at last completed all my writing.

This is the first one again, in case you want to read them all in sequence. Especially if you are like B whose memory is shot to pieces. Or, you might want to save them up and keep them all together,  taking  them away for your summer holiday reading.

22/06/2017 Mount Keen (23) The most Easterly

I shall post the next one tomorrow and then every four days, to tell the 2017 story so far. Here’s hoping for more stable weather so I can write up my third weekend, along with these ones, in one continuous stream.

Though enjoying the rest, the waiting is v. v. v frustrating.

And so to bed

Love Ben xx AA HeartPawPrint



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