Competition closed early

Friends, collies, singing dogs,

B got fed up of waiting for responses and posted MY competition on  HER Facebook group page, if you don’t mind. AND, she forgot the rules. It seems her friends know more about music than my followers, except David AA HeartPawPrint. Anyway, she was so surprised when Lynda got the right answer, with just one clue, that she told her she had won and stopped all my fun, seeing what songs my followers would come up with.

Here are all the other clues I would have posted. See when you would have come up with the answer.

3. Someone’s smiling in mine and B’s special song.

4. Our special song is about trusting and hanging around for each other.

5. B’s got hands that will catch me, according to our song.

6. Our song was the theme tune for a late 1990’s film.

7. The film was a 1999 Rom Com.

8. The film was Notting Hill.

Competitions are hard work… bed beckons.

a 220
And so to bed.

Love Ben xx




2 thoughts on “Competition closed early

  1. Thank you for reading my blog. I am so glad you like it.
    It’s a lot of hard work but I’m getting the hang of using all my four paws.

    Good luck with any of your endeavours.

    Love Ben.


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