B said PLEASE read this one.

Friends, collies, rescue services,

Uniquely, I am passing over this serious blog to B.

I am very proud to be raising money for a rescue service and I took these photos to illustrate the sort incident your donations go towards.

Last week Dave and I were involved in helping at an accident, where an 84 year old woman lost her footing on Ullswater lake path. She fell 80 metres through bracken, trees and rock to the lake shore, sustaining serious injuries. Only the most minor of roads gets anywhere near that location. However, within 40 minutes there were 4 mountain rescue vehicles and their launch at the scene, as well an ambulance, a fast response doctor, and a helimed. Had the group not know their location dog and handler teams would have been called out too. Accidents happen so quickly and, within a second, a life can change forever. The volunteers who drop everything to help are – I think -unsung heroes.


Thanks for supporting Mucky Boots and Flawless Paws, it means so much to me.

Back to Ben, to keep you updated on Munro progress.

Love B x



One thought on “B said PLEASE read this one.

  1. I could not agree more. To be present at such a very serious accident and then to witness the response of Mountain Rescue and other emergency services certainly brings home the great value and necessity of helping to support such vital and selfless work on the part of all concerned.


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